Valli-Mascara-PfwBackstage at Giambattista Valli with Val Garland and M.A.C Cosmetics at PFW Fall 2015.

The inspiration: “You could say at Giambattista Valli, it’s all about
mascara, mascara, mascara, mascara. Actually, it’s all about last night’s mascara,” explains makeup artist Val Garland. “This is a girl who went to bed with her mascara on; she got up in the morning and had a shower and then just reapplied another layer before heading out. The lashes are little bit gluggy but it’s still very pretty. It’s not super, super grungy. It’s young and it’s cool.”
Get the look: The lashes were curled, and then two mascaras from M.A.C Cosmetics were applied. “I start with Mineralize Multi-Effect Lash and then I used the oldie, but goodie, In Extreme Dimension Mascara, to add in a little chunk," explains Garland. "If there’s not enough chunk, I dip a M.A.C 242 shader brush into the mascara and apply some right to the roots.”
Expert Tip:
“You need to know when to stop! If you overload the top lash, there’s too much weight and you lose the curl and close up the eyes. I’d recommend you concentrate on the bottom lash. Also, don’t curl your lashes if there’s any product on them because they may break. So, in other words, wash your mascara off from the night before—and then create this look.”
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