At-home spa essential: The perfect DIY body scrub

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Every woman loves a good
body scrub now and then, whether you head to the spa for a full-body treatment or use one of your
favourite exfoliators at home. But sometimes your skin needs a break from the harsh chemicals and irritants. Cue the all-natural DIY body scrub–courtesy of Cia Manderello, hair and makeup professional for Page One Management in Toronto–that you can make tonight using only five organic and
eco-friendly ingredients for
naturally glowing skin. (Think salt, sugar and
essential oils to get started.)
Find out how to make your very own natural body scrub after the jump…

What are the advantages of using a DIY body scrub? "Making your own body scrub at home has the added benefit of using
all-natural ingredients," says Manderello. "You can easily make as little or as much as you need. It’s the perfect way to have made-to-order body products in the comfort of your own home, and you can easily customize your fragrance and amount of oil/salt/sugar to your preference. Not to mention it’s a great money saver!

How often should you use a DIY body scrub? "At-home body scrubs are safe to use once or twice a week but no more than three times a week depending on the sensitivity of your skin," recommends Manderello. "A
professional body scrub will usually have active ingredients that speed up the exfoliation process and should be done no more than twice a month. If you are using an at-home body scrub in between visits, you will most likely only need a professional scrub once every three months."

DIY body scrub ingredients 1 cup raw sugar 1/3 cup sea salt 1/2 cup 
coconut oil (melted to a liquid but not boiling hot) 3 drops of any essential oil, such as lavender, almond or sweet orange 1 tablespoon of liquid vitamin E 1 tablespoon of baking soda (optional for added exfoliation)
Step #1 "Combine all ingredients (in order) in a glass jar, leaving the oils for last," says Manderello.
Step #2 "Apply the scrub with your hands on clean skin either in the shower or just after. Massage the scrub in a circular motion with the desired amount of pressure. Try not to scrub too hard or massage too long as it can be abrasive on the skin. Rinse clean with warm water and pat dry with a towel and you’re done," says Manderello.
OVER TO YOU! Which would you rather try: an at-home body scrub or a professional
spa treatment?
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