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A Few of Her Most Beautiful Things

By Alannah O’Neill
Queen Latifah is one of those rare celebrities who’s so recognizable that everyone feels like they know her intimately. It’s not surprising, considering her resume reads like a pop culture guide– first lady of hip hop turned television personality and Oscar nominated movie star. In spite of these high profile accomplishments, Latifah is a celebrity who doesn’t disappoint: her off-screen personality is as enigmatic and warm as her on-screen characters. I recently had a couple minutes to sit down and chat with the COVERGIRL model while she made a brief stop off in town to host the Second Annual P&G Beauty and Grooming Awards.

Where is the most beautiful place? “Oh man. If I tell you, then people will want to go there! I’m gonna think of another place. Umm…Thailand.”
Who is the most beautiful person you know? “My mom”
What’s the most beautiful song? “That’s hard. That’s a hard one, man! Silent Night?”
What’s the most beautiful smell? “Queen, by Queen Latifah. Put ‘after sex’ in there…actually, don’t you dare. It’s kinda funky, you know what I mean?”
Who is your most beautiful co-star? “Denzel Washington… slash Common. It’s a tie. You can throw Angelina Jolie in there too, because she’s technically a co-star. Who else? How many more can I add? Jada Pinkett Smith!”
Finish this sentence: Being beautiful means… “Being beautiful means…feeling love and spreading love… with a wicked line on that eye. How bout that?” That sounds pretty good to me.
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