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Katy Perry chats perfume, skin care secrets and gives advice to her adoring fans

Clad in a lilac knit cardi/dress combo from
Christian Dior and wearing violet Miu Miu peep-toe suede pumps, newly red-haired
Katy Perry (who also wore whimsical kitten ears; a recent purchase at Collette in Paris) stopped by Toronto’s Eaton Centre to promote her latest fragrance, Purr.
Out of 50+ media invited,
ELLECanada.com was given five minutes to chat with the star about all-things beauty.  As has become our norm, we reached out to our loyal
Facebook and
Twitter fans to ask you what you wanted to know about Mrs. Brand. Here, the top questions:

So many celebrities venture into fragrance. What inspired you to do the same? "Perfume is a very sensory experience, so I think it’s very easy for musicians and creative types to branch out into this field. The reason why I pursue my career with such passion, despite the constant declarations of "no" is because I knew there was
no one out there doing exactly what I wanted to do; and I feel the same way about Purr. It’s a reflection of my personality, of my particular opinions, and I think I did a really good job creating it."
Your skin is gorgeous. What’s your secret? "Well, first off, I’m a total beauty product junkie. Honestly, I can never have enough. So, basically, I’ve tried everything imaginable: Facials, lasers, microdermabrasion, I’ve had a million different dermatologists. But now,
I use ProActiv like crazy. Most people know I’m a spokesperson for the brand, and I am absolutely
obsessed with it! It really works for me and my skin type.  I use their daily moisturizer, toner and face wash; so much so that when I’m traveling and I run out, I call their corporate head office to ship it asap. The best part is that it’s inexpensive; women don’t need to go crazy and buy all the premium luxury products. Even if I stopped being a ProActiv spokesperson, I’d still use it — and encourage other ladies to do the same!"
What advice do you have to your female fans who want to live "the dream" like you’re doing now? "Skin me and then wear me (laughs). No, jokes aside, anything you want to do, it all has to start with how you perceive yourself first. Appreciate what makes you different, appreciate your own sense of individuality.
Be proud of being in your own skin and don’t be afraid to have an opinion or stand by something you believe in. Then, and only then, can you really pursue your dreams, and pursue what you want to do, and where you want to go. Nothing will make you what you are. My music career, my first foray into fragrance, those are all "accents" to my personality, but they don’t define who I am necessarily. Oh, and always keep a sense of humour. Life is too hard not to laugh it off sometimes!"
(The eau de parfum is currently available at Sears Canada stores nationwide and Sears.ca (100 ml, $65.00).)

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