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photo If you’re going to become a modern-day icon in the hairdressing world, you need a few milestones under your belt, like 1) a glamorous connection to the celebrity or fashion world; 2) a style you create that becomes a part of the zeitgeist; 3) huge talent (obviously); and 4) exclusivity. Let’s run Sally Hershberger through my unofficial list and see how she fares: She’s the first woman to achieve "celebrity hairstylist" status and is responsible for the sexy, edgy "shag" hairstyle, which lives on in many different interpretations and styles but was made most famous by the cut she gave actress Meg Ryan back in the day. Hershberger also came to fame when word got out that New Yorkers in the know were happily forking over $600 for the opportunity to have their hair cut by the Kansas-born/California-bred stylist. (It’s now up to $800.) She did the "decadent boudoir" hair seen at Naeem Khan’s F/W 2014 show, used to do Tom Cruise’s and Nicole Kidman’s hair (at their house), has a range of high-performing, affordably priced hair products
and is outspoken and confident. Basically, if she tells you to do something to your hair, you’re probably best off doing it. And quick.
I met with Hershberger today at the Templar Hotel in Toronto. Before trying out a few of her new products (the Major Body spray is a game changer), I sat down for a chat with her.
On why she hates dry shampoos: "I know how much women love dry shampoos–they LOVE them. Just wash it if it’s dirty! I hate dry shampoos because they dull your hair. I wanted a product that would give the benefit of a dry shampoo but without that powdery effect I don’t like. I want hair to be shiny, not dull. [She’s talking about the pretty fantastic
Major Body 3-in-1 Volumizing Spray ($13, out in September], which blasts hair with buildable volume, soaks up oil and gives hair that all-important Hershberger obsession: texture.] Use it like a hairspray–spray it all over. But if you’re looking to work the volume, flip your hair upside down and spray at roots. The product has touch activators, so it gets bigger as you play with it."
On her Super Keratin Spray ($13), which looks like a serum and acts like a serum but isn’t a serum: "Serums always end up weighing hair down. This product is like a smartphone: I call it ‘smart keratin’! It targets the parts of the hair with the most damage."
On getting the "right" kind of volume: "Women in general look good with a little volume. But I don’t like a lot of volume in the middle of the head. Think about a bit of volume on top, then the hair being closer to the sides of the head before becoming fuller again at the bottom. In my salon, I use a special texturizing brush made with boar bristles to give volume to the hair. It has three different levels and gives a fullness without
actually teasing the hair, so there is no damage."
On her love of texture: "Hair just looks better with a little texture to it. I love the juxtaposition of texture with sleek and volume. That’s my thing."
Sally Hershberger Hair products are available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart.

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