With florals, crisp white and shocking neons creeping into our wardrobe now that the weather is warming up, makeup is brightening up to for the spring season, too. The deep merlot lip from winter is replaced with a fruity bold hue as fresh as the flowers peeking out from the earth and with the sun shining, you can’t help but be inspired to give your complexion a faux golden glow (overtop your SPF, natch). Ready to shed your winter makeup along with your knits in order to lighten and brighten up? Five must-try looks for this season that are as refreshing as a cool spring breeze.

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Natural makeup: The orange lip

Orange you glad this bold lip is hot for spring? More playful than red, and less expected than coral, the
orange lip is having a big moment this season (the vivid hue was the main focus of the makeup on the Rag & Bone spring runway). If it’s much too bold for you, you can ease into it but going light with the application, says Toronto-based makeup artist Diana Carreiro. You can even start with a sheer orange gloss to start and ease into a lipstick, she says, applying the lipstick as tint first. “Then build daily until you achieve a gorgeous bright mouth.” Another way to train your eye to become accustomed to a bright lip? “Wear it around the house when you have nowhere to go,” says Carreiro. “Then you’ll catch glimpses of yourself throughout the day and get used to it faster.”

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Natural makeup: Bronze eyeshadow

The tawny shades always return in the summer, and this season, bronze swept across the eyelids, like on the Calvin Klein runway, is one of the easiest, wearable looks for spring. Singapore-based makeup artist Andrea Claire adores this colour for every eye shape, colour and skin tone. “A simple sweep across the lid can get you out the door, and because of the multidimensional quality to this metallic, it can look as though you spent a lot of time on your eye look of the day, but in reality it’s effortless to apply,” she says. For a smokey look, Claire suggests applying some kajal liner into your waterline for an instant
smokey look.

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natural-makeup-article-02.jpgNatural makeup: Flawless skin

First off, perfect-looking skin starts before you even pick up any of your makeup. “It starts from the ground up and even the best makeup application can’t cover bad skin,” says Carreiro. A diligent facial routine that includes exfoliating, moisturizing it well and cleansing twice daily and wearing sunscreen regularly provides the basis for a clear, glowing complexion. And once you get your skin to that stage, then your actual makeup simply plays a supporting role in making your skin look its best. Carreiro recommends trying a BB or CC cream for light to medium coverage that’ll also tackle skin issues and provide benefits. If you need a little more help, then apply concealer only where you need it. “To maintain a dewy finish, powder only the T-zone,” says Carreiro. If you prefer a more matte look, she suggests buffing a mineral powder well into the skin with a kabuki brush.

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Natural makeup: The sunkissed face

Getting a
natural sunkissed face is easy for many of us, if we were not to wear SPF—but risking the sun damage to our skin is not worth it. Applying a natural-looking sunkissed look like the one seen on the Tess Giberson runway, can be harder. To do the job well, Carreiro recommends using both a bronzer and a blush. After you’ve applied your sunscreen and foundation, “apply the bronzer in a ‘3’ shape one either side of your face—on the forehead/temples, cheekbones and jawline,” says Carreiro. Then lightly brush the bridge of the nose with what bronzer remains on the brush. Next, take your blush. “Apply lightly to the apples of the cheeks and brush back toward the hairline—but not all the way to it,” she says. Again, without dipping your brush into your blush, apply whatever remains on it to your nose, chin and forehead.

As for format, if you have
dry skin, a cream format may work best, whereas oilier skin tones can benefit from a powder bronzer and blush.”For a natural look, choose a bronzer that is matte and leave the shimmer to your blush,” says Carreiro.


Natural makeup: Bright eyes

Bright eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.
Friday Night Lights fans will recognize this line and while full hearts are always de rigueur, for spring, a bright eye is beyond hot—take the vivid shadows dusted on the eyes on the Costello Tagliapietra runway, for example. It can be easier for those with darker skin tones to pull off (all bright shades will work well), but Claire notes that blondes and brunettes can pull of citron shades, while redheads look gorgeous in aqua tones. Perhaps too edgy for a conventional desk job (unless your office gig is in a creative industry), these vivid hues work well for a garden wedding or cottage party, says Claire. And, as you may have guessed, with such a pop of colour on the eyes, it’s best to downplay the lips by keeping them soft and natural in tone.

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