1. Ditch the bronzer, and go for blush instead.

Aircrafts are not known for their flattering lighting. Because bronzers are dark, they can make you look “drawn down” on a flight, says Marilee Vermaak, trainer for the Emirates cabin crew – definitely not the look you’re going for. Opt for a rosy, peachy blush instead.  
2. Feel free to mask.

A flight is the ideal time to apply skin-smoothing masks – just stick with cream-based formulas. The white sheet masks can be slightly jarring: “When you’re walking through a dark cabin in the middle of the night, everybody’s asleep, and you see someone with one of those masks on, it can be quite terrifying,” says one member of the crew. “It’s a hydrating mask, so I understand why they’re doing it, but sometimes when you’re very task focused and you see that out of the corner of your eye, it’s shocking.”
3. Reapply.

Even with a solid base (primer, primer and more primer!), makeup will need to be reapplied. The Emirates crew usually touches up their faces one or two times a flight, depending on travel time.
4. Water is your friend.

Drinking water is key, but so is misting it on your face. “The final touch to the appearance – and also to keep the makeup from getting too dry ­– is what we call the Clarins Fix’ Make-Up Spray ($30). It’s a hydrating mist,” says Vermaak. And don’t forget about your lips: they’re one of the first places to show signs of dryness when flying, so keep them hydrated with a lip balm. ELLE Canada loves Burt’s Bees Hydrating Lip Balm with Coconut and Pear ($5). 

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