Glowing skin secret: Exfoliate well
Look for a facial scrub that does double duty – that has both chemical and physical exfoliants – says Holly Sherrard, who is the education manager at the International Dermal Institute in Toronto. Physical exfoliants, such as silica, rice meal or corn cob meal, will help buff the surface of the skin and make it softer. “Then a chemical exfoliant, such as salicylic acid or lactic acid, will penetrate further and give you more results by tackling blackheads,” she says. Exfoliating regularly will also allow your moisturizer to better absorb and hydrate your skin.

Glowing skin secret: Maintain your post-vacation glow
Coming back from vacation? “The key to keeping your existing tan is to give your body a light exfoliation every few days and applying a tanning optimizer product,” says Natalie Gee, co-founder of Gee Beauty in Toronto and Bal Harbor, Florida, who uses St. Tropez Self Tan Intensifier at the salon. Apply to face and body every few days to enhance and elongate the lifespan of your tan. “It really gives your skin a beautiful glow and keeps it very hydrated.” This part is crucial: “The only way to not eventually turn orange or green, and keep your tan very natural, is to keep exfoliating and moisturizing.” Exfoliating during the tanning process doesn’t scrub away the tan—it actually makes the skin look better. “Whether your tan is real or not, dead skin cells build and dirt builds, and your skin will look the very best when it’s the most clean.”

VIDEO: Self-tan tips from St. Tropez pro Sophie Evans

Glowing skin secret: Skip the foundation

If you have fairly flawless skin, why cover it with foundation? Even out any red spots (around the nose, for example), but other than that, let your skin shine through with very little product, says Vanessa Jarman, a Toronto-based makeup artist with Page One Management. If you have problem skin, then opt for luminous foundations that have a pearlescent formula. “These types of foundation will have properties that will help brighten the complexion with very little effort,” she says. One she favours: Dior Hydra Life Pro Youth Skin Tint SPF 20.

Glowing skin secret: Go for bronzed
“Always test and swatch two colours of the desired tanned shade on the face, preferably on the cheek—never on the back of the hand.” says Uzo, lead makeup stylist for NARS International. “Usually it is best to pick a shade that is as close to your natural skin tone and then add additional warmth by using a powder bronzer. The right shade will ‘disappear’ into the skin.”

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