Ever wake up on a Monday morning and see nothing but blotchy, dull skin, puffy eyes and dry lips? The morning after a weekend can shed a harsh light on your face and reveal the signs of a all-nighter or very lazy cottage weekend. You can’t turn back the clock, or hit the snooze button anymore, but you can still look fresh and wide-awake with a few simple makeup tips. Senior makeup artist with M.A.C. Cosmetics Caitlin Callahan shares her beauty secrets on how to go from dull to fresh and glowing skin in minutes.

Beauty problem: Tired eyes
If those bags under your eyes look like they go on for days (assuming you can actually open your eyes wide enough to notice the bags), it’s time to maximize your eye makeup routine.

• Wake up your eyes: “My favorite for those jet-lagged days is a cream with caffeine to reduce swelling,” says Callahan. TRY: Fast Response eye cream, or check out a few of our favourites.

• Curl your lashes: “I am always amazed how awake it makes me look!’ says Callahan. A quick curl and some waterproof mascara will open the eyes and suddenly you look like you’ve clocked in eight hours of sleep.

• Use highlighters: “They instantly brighten and make the eyes look more awake,” advises Callahan. “Apply above and below the eye. You don’t need much tough, just a touch. Then let it dry for a few seconds and blend with a soft brush like MAC #317.”

Beauty problem: Dull skin

Nothing says exhaustion more than dull, tired, blotchy looking skin. Even it out stat with these three tips.

• Exfoliate, but not too much: “An everyday gentle exfoliation really keeps my skin surface looking beautiful. It’s a godsend,” says Callahan. Opt for one that is super gentle so you don’t end up with red, irritated skin.

• Skip the powder: Fake the natural glow by passing on powder foundations, blush and bronzers. “Try a cream blush or highlighter,” says Callahan. “Too much powder makes the skin look more dull – you want light to bounce off your face to look more awake and youthful.”

• Try a BB Cream: “If you don’t need too much coverage, use a BB Cream as foundation,” suggests Callahan. You’ll not only get a more even tone to your skin, but also a great hit of much needed hydration. “In general, think creamy textures/ in your products.”

Beauty problem: Lackluster lips
One too many glasses of pinot grigio equals parched lips. But a quick exfoliation will get them prepped for some serious moisture.

• Exfoliate lips too, but gently! Use a toothbrush or a makeup wipe.

• Apply lip conditioner before bed the night before (this will really help lift off dead skin come morning).

• Use a liner: “Apply liner to the top and bottom of the lip but not the sides,” says Callahan. “If you cut the sides a little short the center of the lip looks more plump. Like a heart-shape.” And that’s always a fresh look.

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