Beauty how-to: Pull off bright eyeshadow

Love, love, love this clean, yet punchy look from
Carolina Hererra’s spring/summer 2011 collection. Models sported a gorgeous wash of redish-pink swept across their lids with more saturated colour on the outer corners. This look may appear tricky, but with the help of
Revlon‘s National Makeup Artist, Jacquie Hutchinson, it’s easier than you think — and totally wearable! You’ll be wanting to wear this daily, trust me! Here are Jacquie’s tips:

“This is such a great look! I love that it is with neutral fashion. Grey is the new black, and so not a dull colour anymore. It looks great against your skin and is perfect for wearing such a bold shade on your eyes,” says Jacquie.

To create this look, first take a cue from your clothes. “Make sure that your clothing is not clashing with your makeup colours. Opt for neutral, it will look fashion forward versus having the makeup wear you,” suggests Jacquie.

1. Keep skin and lips simple

This look is all about the eyes, so keep the rest of the face fresh and simple. “Just a wash of colour on the cheek bones, clear gloss, or very sheer gloss (that needs to be in the same tone as the colour on the eyes) on the lips,” Jacquie recommends. “For the cheek, it should be contoured,” says Jacquie. Instead of
apply blush on apple of cheek, start on the bone and go up in a straight line into the hairline. Don’t use a circular motion — use a straight line right up into the hairline and softly blend to get the illusion of definition.

2. Apply eye colour

You can pick any colour here, the key is to have a pop of bright colour, so pick a vibrant hue. “I would actually use, a sponge tip applicator, or your finger, to get a good saturation of colour,”suggests Jacquie. “If you use a brush you don’t get enough saturation, save that for blending.” To apply the colour start from outer edge of the eye and work into the inner corner, working up and in. The most intense pop of colour is on the outer edge where you start, blending with a brush up and into the inner corner for a faded effect.

3. Don’t apply colour past the brow bone.

“The key to using such strong colours is it’s important the colour stops at the brow bone,” warns Jacquie. “On the model it’s a little high for drama. For the rest of us, stopping at the brown bone gives a natural highlight. You can even take lighter highlight shade to put underneath the brow to clean up any hard edges of that colour.”

4. Add liner

Using the same colour and your sponge tip applicator, sweep the shade along the lash line to create a liner.

5. Finish with mascara and brows

Add a touch of mascara to the top lashes, but leave the bottom lashes mascara-free. “You need that hit of mascara to define, you don’t want to just see the colour,” advises Jacquie. Then groom the brows by brushing them upwards — if you are super fair, you can very lightly fill in your brows as well.

“If you want o play and have fun you can mix up colours,” says Jacquie. “If this is too edgy for you, take a bronze colour mixed with the bright colour to tone down the saturation, and you can still be fashion forward.”

See, not so hard!

Learn how to get a bronzed, rosy glow (perfect for spring!) on the next page …
Spring beauty how-to: Rosy, bronzed skin

I adored the super rosy, bronzed glow at the
Michael Kors Spring/Summer runway. The heavy blush and fresh skin has me dreaming of summer beach days already and I was dying to know how to apply the colour without going overboard. So, I chatted with
M.A.C Senior Artist, Caitlin Callahan, to learn how to recreate this glowing spring beauty look.

The look:
Michael Kors’ summer girls. “This is a perfect look for spring — easy, youthful and glowing!” says Caitlin.

Step 1: Foundation

You’ll need to start with
flawless skin. Caitlin recommends one that gives a natural finish, but still covers well to hide any imperfections (M.A.C Studio Sculpt Foundation is a great example). “Don’t go lighter or darker than your skin tone,” Caitlin warns. “Choose a colour that matches you exactly, then apply starting in the center of the face and blend out. This gives a flawless yet perfected look.”

Step 2: Softly apply bronzer

“If you want a bit more colour, softly (softly, I said!) add a golden bronzer to frame your face.” says Caitlin. “Mineral bronzers are the most sheer. M.A.C Mineralize Skinfinish/Natural in Give Me Sun! is a fab option. It doesn’t have the sparkle that other bronzers have, so the look is more natural. For a bit more glow under the eyes, add concealer and set with a translucent powder.”

Step 3: Emphasize the brows

Groomed brows are essential to this look. “If you have a full brow, leave it. Comb through with a brow gel or wax to groom, but no colour is necessary (M.A.C Clear Brow Set rocks!),” says Caitlin. “If you need a bit of filling in, add a soft, natural pencil.”

Step 4: Enhance the eyes (minus the mascara!)

“Eyes are softly rimmed in brown pencil,” says Caitlin. Add a little in the water line for a more defined look. “No mascara! I know…but if you must, try a soft brown.”

Step 5: Add the glow

Caitlin recommends skipping the
powder blush and opting for a cream one like M.A.C Ladyblush. “Powders will look too dry. If you’re very oily, try a mineral powder blush. Blend on the apple with a paddle brush the feather out to the hairline,” she says.

Step 6: Add pink to the lips

“With your leftover cream blush on your brush, tap the colour into your lips,” instructs Caitlin. “If it’s too pink, add a tiny bit of your foundation to soften the colour. If it’s too light, a soft creamy lipstick (M.A.C Lipstick in Gotta Dash will work well.)”

Add some
beachy hair (fun waves and tied in a loose side bun) and you’re good to go!

Simple beachy waves on the next page (trust us, they are incredibly easy!) …
Beauty how-to: Care-free, beachy waves

Nothing says summer more than lightly tousled, care-free waves. And the ones models sported at
Anna Sui’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection gave me some major hair envy. I just had to know how to get this look at home, so I enlisted the help of Lorraine McAndrew,
Vidal Sassoon Salon’s creative director in downtown Toronto. She gives her tips on getting this gorgeous summer hair look and though she says it works best on people with medium to thick naturally wavy hair, we also have some tips for those with straighter locks. Check it out below!

“The look is natural and easy-to-maintain during breezy summer days,” says McAndrew. “It has a light easy flow to it which will work well with summer clothing.”

For naturally wavy hair

Step 1:
Start with damp, towel-dried hair, parted in the middle. Apply mousse (McAndrew loves Kerastase hair care products and suggests their mousse to create texture and hold). Comb the mouse through the hair to make sure it is distributed evenly from top to bottom.

Step 2: If you can let your hair air dry to get a natural wave, great. If not use a diffuser on a hair dryer to create
natural-looking waves minus the frizz. You can scrunch the hair slightly to create more wave.

Step 3: Finish hair with hairspray to give extra hold and to create a piecey look.

Step 4: Top with a floral head band or clip, or leave your hair free of accessories.

For straight hair

Step 1:
Part towel-dried hair down the middle. Blow dry hair using Chroma Thermique from Kerastase (a leave-in cream that protects against styling for a soft, touchable finish. Bonus — it also protects colour).

Step 2: Straight-haired girls will need a little help from a styling tool — so bring out a curling iron! Using a large curling iron wrap the hair around the iron and hold for a few minutes, to create
soft, natural waves. Continue this process through hair.

Step 3: To create a more natural, free-flowing look, separate the hair using fingers.

Step 4:
Finish the look with a touch of hair spray to ensure the waves hold in your hair.

And if you’re like me, I’m always looking for ways to take my day-time hair to night without much fuss. McAndrew gives a simple tip to
amp up the volume and sexiness to this look for evening.

Take it from day to night:

“I would take this from day to night by changing the part; by moving the part from the centre to the side it would create interest and become more of an evening look. Side parts create more contrast over the face with the hair coming over the eye and have a polished effect,” she suggests.


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