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Although heading to your
favourite spa for a professional facial or picking up an at-home treatment mask is always great for your
skin care routine, sometimes opting for an
all-natural version of the traditional service is the way to go for your body and your budget. With these DIY facial tips from Diana Carreiro, Professional Hair & Makeup Artist at Page One Management in Toronto, learn how to make your own facial mask at home using
natural ingredients from the shelves in your refrigerator.
So, what is the advantage of using at-home facial masks? "The main benefit is that you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin so there is less chance of irritation. That said, all the below DIY masks should be patch tested before using," says Carreiro. "DIY masks are
100% natural. Many commercial masks, even ‘natural’ ones, consist mostly of fragrance, carriers and preservatives and contain only a small percentage of natural ingredients. DIY masks can also be less expensive than store bought with a lot less packaging and waste,"
How often should you use an at-home facial? "Once a week for at-home facials and every four to six weeks for a professional one," Carreiro suggests.
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