2010 Beauty Grand Prix

May 26 2009 by
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We're inviting 750 ELLE Canada and ELLE Quebec readers to become members of our 2010 ELLE Beauty Grand Prix jury. The jury will test some of our country's best skin, makeup and hair-care products. This is a unique opportunity for your voice to be heard and to vote for the beauty products that really deliver on their promises.


  1. 1. Jury selection will be based on the answers provided in the adjacent questionnaire.
  2. 2. Each jury member will receive unmarked products in some predetermined categories.
  3. 3. Jury members will have 10 to 12 weeks to test and evaluate the products. They will rate each product from one to 10 and record their scores and findings in a logbook. The product in each category with the highest score will be declared the winner. The test period will run from August 31 to November 23, 2009.

To apply for the jury, fill out the questionnaire thoroughly by June 15, 2009 HERE

The readers selected for “jury duty” will be notified by e-mail by July 17, 2009.

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Categories: Beauty