shiny-hair-sceretsKarlie Kloss and her enviable, shiny, straight hair at DKNY, Spring 2014. Image courtesy of

I’ve been obsessed with
straight, shiny hair for a month or so now. So much so that I went and had 3 ½ inches lopped off of my hair to rid it of any possible split ends so it would look healthy and have loads of shine (plus it looks so much better when smoothed into a straight style). My secret weapons for getting that glass-like, glossy finish? These two things: a great brush (the better quality and how it’s used really can
make your strands smooth and silky) and a glistening shine spray (that won’t weight down my fine hair). I swear by these right now, especially since I try not to use a
flat iron to achieve straight hair these days (I had an addiction to it a couple of years ago and have been trying to stay clean and sober when it comes to the flat iron).