14 skincare hacks for sensitive skin

Jul 20 2015 by
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We asked the experts how to rid yourself of dry, flaky skin...forever. You're welcome.

We tend to associate flaky, red and irritated skin with winter months – but it can also be rampant throughout sunny Canadian summers. And, according to new studies, more and more North Americans are experiencing it.

Over-cleansing may be partly to blame, says Dr. Sandy Skotnicki of Bay Dermatology Centre. “It is thought that we are creating sensitive or reactive skin because we…use too much product and soap. Our natural barriers, [like] oils and bacteria, are being removed or disturbed.”

Adds Chanel skincare advisor Dr. Amy Wechsler: “I think the environment is getting harsher and we’re burning the candle at both ends, travelling a lot, pollution’s increasing and all that bad stuff, right? The question I get asked, literally all day long is ‘what can I do with my sensitive skin? Can you help me?”

Here, they share their sensitive skin dos and don’ts.

Categories: Beauty