bright lip is here to stay – from this summer’s vibrant red lippy at Altuzarra to fall’s cherry at Tussardi, your lips need that pop of colour to be modern and on trend. We’ve rounded up our very best
bright lip tips from makeup artists to help you pull off the look (and ditch your fear of the bright lip).

1. Prep the lip first

“One of my golden tricks for applying any bright lip is to start right there – with the lip itself,” explains Vanessa Jarman, Rimmel Canadian Makeup Artist and Spokesperson. “Moisturize the face, blot off any conditioning agent you might have on the mouth, and start lining. This way, you can clean up around the edges with a q-tip or face wipe to ensure crisp edges will be easy to achieve with foundation or concealer afterwards.”

2. The statement lip

A pop of colour on the lip is the perfect accessory to any look, says Heather Nightingale, lead artistry expert, Make Up For Ever,. “Orange is huge,” she says of the bright yet bold statement lip colour. It looks beautifully worn as a creamy, vibrant matte shade, or toned down as a soft lipgloss.

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3. Still too bright for you?

“All you have to do, is blot your mouth onto some tissue,” says Jarman. “Instead of placing the tissue flat against your face; avoid smudging by folding the tissue in half and setting it in between your lips.”

4. Start sheer, then build the colour

If going from a nude lip to a blood red orange is a little too drastic of a jump, start out with toned-down variations of peach and soft coral in a gloss format, says Jessica Spaven, a makeup stylist at MYNC Lash Lounge and Brow Bar in Toronto. “The light colour will be subtle but still generously brighten up any skin tone.”

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5. Have fun with it

The best way to wear a
bold statement lip is to not allow it to wear you: play it up as an accessory that highlights the rest of your look. “You can use it to bring out your fun and fearless side or to distract away from your more shy side,” Spaven explains. “It’s all about how you wear it. And the key to the perfect pucker is to wear it with confidence and of course, a smile!”

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0-0-0-bright-lips-2.jpg6. Pick the right shade

“Finding a hot pink lip color is like finding any other accessory – chose what you’re attracted to!” says International Lead Makeup Artist for NARS Cosmetics James Boehmer. “Hot pink, fuchsia, magenta- the color looks great with all skin tones and is worn just like you wear any other statement making lip – with confidence.”

7. Applying the colour

The trick to getting depth with this rich colour and to making it last is all in how you apply it. “I usually line and fill in entire lips with a lip liner. Then I will apply a little bit of translucent loose powder on top to soften the edge and to create a longer wearing finish,” suggests Boehmer. “Next apply lip color, either from the tube or with a brush. Blot color with a tissue after applying and repeat. The layering will keep the color on longer.”

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8. Use the right tools

Slapping or smearing on your lipstick just won’t do when it comes to applying a cherry red hue. “Apply red lipstick with a lip brush,” suggests Regional Education Manager for Eastern Canada at Benefit, Maddox Lu. “A strong colour like red requires crisp execution. Reds are naturally bold, therefore a poor application will be even more noticeable.”

9. Layer

The key to rich, full-bodied colour? Layering. “Using Benefit’s lip and cheek stain ‘BeneTint’, apply a layer or two to the lips creating a long lasting stain of red. Follow this with an application of your
red lipstick (‘Dare Me’ from Benefit- a cool-red) for a longer lasting lip look,” advises Lu.

10. Make it last

The biggest red lipstick complaint? It doesn’t last past your 11 a.m. meeting. By combining the blotting and layering tips above with longwearing products, your lips will remain vibrant all day long. “Use a lip primer or longwearing products to limit touch ups and help it last all day,” says M∙A∙C Cosmetics Senior Artist Caitlin Callahan.


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