Who hasn’t shamefully sunk into the habit of scrolling through Instagram in the lead-up to bedtime? But wasting an hour (or, ugh, more) watching cortisol-spiking #OOTD Boomerangs and Superzooms of people’s dinners rather than winding down is impeding our ability to fully shut off and fall asleep. “The screen time and the actual light from the screen are not only impacting our circadian rhythms but also creating this constant need to be on,” says skincare-brand founder Indie Lee. Though Lee herself struggles with untethering from her phone (“It’s something I do need to work on”), she is trying to put it away by 10 p.m., and she does 20 minutes of Transcendental Meditation to quiet her mind before bed.

But for those who aren’t as disciplined – and given the rise of the sleep-deprived shambling among us – there’s no shortage of products designed to aid with drifting off, from sleep masks and pillow sprays to CBD-laced body oils. Lee’s recently launched Sleep Collection is a five-product lineup designed to induce a snooze no matter what works best to make you drowsy. “I wanted to offer things for people who do it differently,” says Lee. So in addition to including a lavender-, lavandin- and Moroccan-camomile-scented soak for baths, a common relaxation cue, she offers an identical-smelling body wash for those who prefer showers. “With sleep, it’s such a personal ritual.”

Ahead, our favourite products to help you wind down and (finally) get some quality shut-eye.