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9 Cute Sustainable Denim Brands

According to research from Consumer Reports, the average woman owns seven pairs of jeans – and usually only wears four of them. While adding a new pair of mom jeans to your collection may be fun, it’s no secret that denim is bad for the environment.

The entire process – from the amount of water used, to the dyeing and finishing – is harmful, says Kelly Drennan, founding executive director of nonprofit fashion sustainability organization Fashion Takes Action, adding that fresh-water sources are often polluted by the toxic chemicals used to manufacture jeans.

That doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing denim outright. “It’s about thinking about your needs and wants, and really trying to invest, not just in denim, but in your overall wardrobe and buying quality pieces that are going to last,” says Drennan. To get you started on your quest to an eco-friendlier wardrobe, here are nine brands making chic sustainable denim.