When to wear white

Can you wear a white dress to a wedding, or white pants after Labour Day? Miss Chic has the answers!

Jan 01, 2005
When to wear white

Q: Is it okay to wear a white dress to a summer wedding, if you are not the bride? And if so, what kinds of accessories could I wear to take away from the white?

White is so chic in the summertime, and yet when it comes to attending weddings, we all know that the most important thing is to let the bride shine! I turned to stylist Marlene Shiff, owner of Toronto shop Boutique Le Trou, for advice. Here's what she says:

"It's okay to wear white in the summer to a wedding, particularly if it is a daytime wedding. It also happens that we are in a white moment both for summer and winter. You are right about the use of accessories to define the deference to the bride. Dark jewellery, such as less serious bauble-type long necklaces, or heavy bracelets in metal, wood or horn/bone, will do the trick for you.

"And the easy way out, a coloured shawl. There are many fabulous colours, patterns and textures in various sized shawls and shrugs.

"Dress down the bag as well. Leather or straw if possible. Try to resist the pretty, small beaded bag!"

Q: I love wearing white pants. How long into fall should I wear them?

The fashion rules -- if there even are any anymore -- aren't what they were in our mothers' times. No white after Labour Day? Whatever! But that doesn't mean you can wear your summer clothes year-round -- unless you're living somewhere tropical (and if so, can I come to visit?). I turned to Marlene Shiff again for her advice about this ELLE reader's inquiry:

"You can wear white pants all year round if you can! But you must switch fabric type and weight. We are in a white moment and if you look good in white pants -- wear them. Not everyone can!

"White linen is April/May through September. White cotton can be worn a little longer if heavyweight and paired with a blazer for drama. Wear a bright or dark blouse and great jewellery.

"Try white wool and blends in winter, also with a dark blouse or with a fabulous sweater or vest and blazer. The combinations with white as your basis are numerous. White is very dramatic, so don't let the rest of the outfit compete visually. Try to accent instead. A white wool shawl can pull it together in winter."

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