How to climb the social media ladder

Social media can be a challenge to manage. ELLE Canada offers expert advice to help you tweet, Instagram and Facebook your way to the top.

Oct 16, 2012
Angela Wilder
Leda & St.Jacques
How to climb the social media ladder

I have social-media-induced ADHD. I am so obsessed with my online existence that sometimes I fear that my virtual social media life has replaced my actual social life.

I will blow off drinks with friends to peruse photos on Instagram. When I meet someone, I don't just get their number-I get their social profile. I have trouble carrying on a conversation over lunch when my hand-helds are vibrating- one in each hand and one on my lap.

I leave my U.K. BlackBerry on all night just in case one of my British friends wants to chat. The first thing I do in the morning-before getting out of bed-is check my Canadian BlackBerry. Then, I switch to my iPhone to check Instagram and LinkedIn. I have an Android too, but since I got my iPhone it has been collecting dust on my kitchen island.

Sometimes I worry that I could be written into TLC's stomach-wrenching reality series My Strange Addiction for the amount of time I spend in virtual la-la land. This is the kind of dedication it takes to build a social media mass following- if you aren't already famous. In the past two and a half years, I've built up close to 30,000 followers (at press time) on Twitter.

It's the most prominent aspect of my social profile. By comparison, I have only 3,693 Facebook friends-but that's partly because my interest in Facebook has been waning since the brand's lacklustre IPO.

My latest obsession is Instagram. In the six months that I've been using the photographic social-media app, I've amassed a following of over 13,000-that's more than Holt Renfrew, Roots Canada and Thompson Hotels combined. Not bad, eh?

Yet social climbing in the off-line world is generally considered taboo. It implies that a person desires to exceed their legitimate social position and is moving in circles reserved for those believed to be of a superior station. But very different rules exist in the virtual world. Online, it's a social free-for-all. You can connect with anybody-and your connections are right there for everyone to see.

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