Sex or chocolate?

ELLE asks the burning question; which would you choose?

Sep 05, 2007
Natalie Bahadur
Sex or chocolate?

This just in: A recent survey commissioned by Aero (yeah, the chocolate guys) and completed by Leger Marketing found that when it comes to choosing between sex and chocolate, Canadian women just aren't sure which is the better bet! According to the survey:

"When asked what they would be least willing to give up - sex, chocolate or alcohol - men were very decisive. Sex was almost five times more important to men than chocolate, and four times more important than alcohol. Women were not so quick to choose: chocolate and sex were equally important at 40 per cent each. Only one in five women wouldn't like to give up alcohol."

Interesting. So, we asked 10 women which they'd go for, if forced to make a choice. Here's what they had to say:

As much as I love chocolate, being a married woman in a relationship for 10 years, I'd take the sex any day. We're both so busy that it's easy to grab that vegan chocolate brownie to quench the craving in a flash -- finding time to get down, ahem, to it, is far more challenging. -- Rebecca Poirier

I'm a chocoholic but I'd never choose chocolate over sex. Maybe I'd feel differently if I was single and had to go through the whole mating ritual dance that generally takes place before sex. In that case, chocolate would be far more convenient. However, I'm married which means I have a built in vending machine full of sex in my house, so to speak. -- Naomi Mackenzie

I'd pick chocolate over sex -- maybe because I'm pregnant with twins and have an 18 month old at home. I know that the work involved in having a kid is more exhausting than having to work off a few extra pounds from too much chocolate. Plus it always tastes good. -- Fiona Robertson

If I had to give up either chocolate or sex, the choice is easy - chocolate, for sure. I'm not saying I don't have a sweet tooth, and sometimes a girl's just got to have her chocolate. But sex? There's no replacement for good sex, battery-operated or otherwise. Don't studies show that sexual intercourse (and orgasms) help relieve stress? On the other hand - and in my own experience -- chocolate leads to momentary bliss, sure, but days of post-indulgence guilt! -- Gracie Lou Freebush

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