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Escape a bad relationship

Need to escape for a little while? ELLE shows you how to set yourself free!

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Escape a bad relationship

The breakup

We maintain our friendships because they contribute to our lives in a positive way, making things fun or easier to deal with," says Wendy Ellis, a ost-doctoral fellow at The University of Western Ontario and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health's Centre for Prevention Science in London, Ont. "But when a friend continually causes you disappointment, stress or conflict, you might consider ending the relationship."


"Travelling solo is the perfect opportunity to examine personal issues and relationships that have been bothering you,"advises Evelyn Hannon, editor of Journeywoman (, an online travel resource for women. "When you're lying on a beach in Cuba or lunching at a café in Paris, you become your own best therapist. Add a glass of wine and, I promise you, your therapy will also be much more fun!”

Going solo?

Find out as much as you can about the culture, customs and role of women in the places you'll be visiting,"says Hannon.

"Travel light -- you'll feel a lot less vulnerable and more independent without extra baggage.”

"Carry copies of all important travel documents and credit cards in a cotton moneybelt under your clothes."

"Don't worry about feeling lonely at times -- it happens to the most experienced travellers and will soon pass."


"Distancing strategies, like avoiding your friend or becoming less available, are common when you've outgrown a friendship or want to create some space without completely terminating a relationship," advises Ellis.

"A direct approach may help resolve a high-conflict situation, such as jealousy, relationship manipulation and physical aggression," adds Ellis. "Explain clearly why you're hurt or disappointed by the friendship, and explain why you need to end it.”

How to break up without breaking his heart


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