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7 signs he's a keeper

Think you've found Mr. Right? Before you take him home to meet your parents, check out these key signs to tell if he's a keeper.

Jennifer Weatherhead
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7 signs he's a keeper

You know the red flags when it comes to dating a guy -- he cares more about himself than your relationship, he treats you like dirt, he googles every girl that walks by him -- but how do you know he's a real keeper and could be the one? ELLE asked Toronto-based relationship expert Frankie Doiron what some of the key signs are that he's worth hanging on to.

1. He keeps agreements
If your man says he will be there to pick you up after your marathon spa session -- he will be, no ifs ands or buts. If he is going to be late, he will do the courteous thing and call to let you know. He'll be there -- so don't be late! He's also the kind of guy who won't ditch you for plans with his buddies. You can rely on him to do what he commits to. "This reveals that he is conscientious, reliable and has integrity -- key traits of a great partner," says Doiron.

2. He's emotionally mature and responsible
He's not the type to blame others, or circumstances for life situations. He accepts accountability for his actions and is willing to self-examine, take responsibility and grow personally. When it comes to finishing up some work or procrastinating by watching a football game, he's going to get the work done first, then watch the game. While every man has a bit of the "boy" in him, he is all man when it really counts. He's a man who can look after himself (he can cook, do his laundry, hold down a job and keep his finances in track -- all without help from you).

3. He's honest
You're not going to catch your guy in a lie. If he is out having fun with his guy friends, then he tells you and treats you with respect. Not only does he treat people fairly and honestly, he lives by a code of ethics that demonstrates his integrity. "What he tells you about himself, actually matches with reality," says Doiron. "The longer you know him, the more this is demonstrated. He is an open book and doesn't mind you flipping through the pages."

4. He loves being with you
"A man who shows you in so many ways that you light up his life, is a definite keeper," explains Doiron. He really wants to be with you to share time and experiences with you, even if that means heading to the mall to ponder the sales. He is happy to hear your voice, get an email from you when he's at work, and his face lights up when he sees you. It's great to be wanted and he can't hide how he feels about you. Lucky you!


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