Winter fashion trends: Marry comfy and chic in cold weather

12 ways to embrace winter fashion trends.

Jan 05, 2012
Aya McMillan


5. Stride out

Your favorite roomy wrap sweater needs only one thing to go from sofa to street — leggings! Although one of the more redundant fashion trends, the stretchy (read: comfy) pant creates a slender bottom half, balancing out your sweater's bulk.

6. Show your shoulders

There is no reason why you can’t show a hint of skin in cozy-chic style. Simply add an oversized sweater that falls over your shoulder à la Flashdance .

7. Add a fur vest
A cold-weather wardrobe isn’t complete without a luxe gilet. Not only will it add an extra layer of warmth on the weekend, it lends your look a tactile twist.

8. Trade up with a fedora
Swap your chunky beanie or oversize trapper hat for a sleek felt fedora. The streamlined silhouette keeps your ears warm (promise!) and avoids the bulk of a wooly scarf, glove and hat set.

9. Throw a pajama party
No, you’re not dreaming: pajama dressing is derigeur for 2012. For designers Derek Lam and Louis Vuitton's Resort collections, printed PJ-style sets will help you look as cool in the office as you do lounging around. Just add an of-the-moment pair of velvet slippers to finish your downtime ensemble.

10. Embrace seasonless dressing
Don't ignore your entire warm-weather wardrobe: Summery silk dresses can be perfect with wool sweaters and shearling jackets —their flowy silhouette keeps bulkier pieces from overwhelming an outfit, plus they showcase your legs! The trick is to choose lightweight piece darker colours and adding tough-chic leather boots.

11. Pile it on

When it comes wearing winter sweaters, don’t play favourites — wear them all! The trick is avoiding chunky knits and opting for tissue-thin styles that layer easily, without adding bulk. Just be sure to choose knits in the same color family to keep your picks from looking random.

12. Get sleek
Keep your bundled-up top half in check with a skinny jeans/sharp accessories combo. The slim leg will balance out a heavy winter coat, and will keep the look sleek and streamlined.

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