Winter fashion trend: Sweater dressing

Winter fashion trend: Sweater dressing Image by: Author: Elle Canada


Winter fashion trend: Sweater dressing

Knits have a timeless schoolgirlish vibe—think Ali MacGraw in Love Story, all ribbed turtlenecks and casually draped wool scarves lighting up the Harvard quad. The new class of knits earns points for both originality and a surprising sexiness. The key is to integrate them into your entire wardrobe. Instead of relying on one trusty sweater to see you through March, invest in a range of knits—cardigans, sweater dresses, even leggings— and mix them with winter’s top trends, from plaid to lace. After all, baby, it’s cold outside. Why not earn an A plus in cozy luxe?

Christmas sweaters
are dangerous territory—remember Colin Firth in Bridget Jones’s Diary?—but this vibrant V-neck is the epitome of holiday style. Wear it to the office under a fitted jacket, or to a tree trimming party paired with a flouncy black A-line and lace-up booties.

Snowflake Sweater, $39,

Certain pieces are classics for a reason. This wool scarf looks fantastic whether tossed over the shoulder of a pea coat, denim jacket, or a cream-coloured cableknit sweater. Two sartorial suggestions: Save it for day looks (and snowball fights!), and use your hat and gloves to pick up on the red and black accents.

Fair Isle Scarf, $22,

Created by Canadian designer Tara Lynn Morrison, this chunky merino knit cowl is a perfect partner for holiday evening looks. Picture it adding texture to a cashmere turtleneck or arranged over a collarless charcoal coat on a starlit sleigh ride. Faux fur muff, essential; Tchaikovsky soundtrack optional.

Lambton Cowl, $85, Good Night, Day at Robber,

If you’ve seen Breaking Dawn, Part 1, (and if you haven’t, don’t judge), you know that Bella spends a lot of time in knit leggings. Your reasons for lounging around this Christmas will likely differ from Mrs. Edward Cullen’s, but these patterned leggings boast the same everlasting sartorial appeal. Pair them with a lace top and an oversized cardi—or better yet, wool socks and a mug of spiced hot chocolate.

Nordic Leggings, $29,



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Winter fashion trend: Sweater dressing