What it was like on set with Kylie Jenner at her ELLE Canada shoot

What it was like on set with Kylie Jenner at her ELLE Canada shoot

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What it was like on set with Kylie Jenner at her ELLE Canada shoot

It was mid-afternoon Toronto time when the news stories started lighting up our Google alert. “Kylie bleaches her eyebrows!” exclaimed the Daily Mail. “Kylie Jenner gets hair cut and bleached eyebrows for ELLE Canada”, wrote Hollywood Life. “Kylie…documents her makeover on Snapchat!”, said E!Online. “Kylie Jenner has now completely changed her eyebrows” was how Cosmo reported the transformation. Of course, if you’d been following along with our live cover with the youngest member of the Kardashian family, this would have been old news to you.

In case you weren’t following along, our December shoot with Kylie Jenner was a live cover, which meant we documented the usually top secret day on Snapchat, Instagram, and on our website. We also invited the super social media savvy Kylie to share the day with her fans…and what a “krazy” day it was! Here, two of our women-on-the-ground (stylist Juliana Schiavinatto and features editor Aliyah Shamsher) share their insider scoop on the day that made the internet explode.

About the brows…
“Kylie had always wanted to try bleached eyebrows and after months of prep to dye her hair blonde she finally decided to take the plunge and dye them on set of our Live Cover shoot,” reports Aliyah. “She said she was inspired by Kim, who went platinum blonde a few months back (although she said she could never actually go that blonde herself), and Khloe, who is a big fashion and beauty muse for her. Make up artist Joyce Bonelli dyed her eyebrows after Jen Atkin’s haircut and when she revealed them on set we all cheered! They look amazing!”

About the clothes…
“Kylie loved all the outfits (she said they were “dope”!) and was willing to play and have fun with the looks,” says stylist Juliana.

About that on set haircut…
“It was impromptu. All of that length was her real hair!! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise,” says Aliyah. “She spent months growing it out and getting it healthy so she could dye it blonde. When she arrived on set she asked Jen to cut her hair and we collectively chose a length for her that felt fresh but still sexy.”

The vibe on set…
“The vibe was fun, relaxed and playful,” reports Aliyah. “Kylie was up for trying anything. Plus with Kanye blasting all day, how could you not have fun?!”

About the “Live Cover”…
“She truly lives for social media,” observed Juliana. “She was taking videos and selfies, and posting immediately at every break she got!”

About her family…
“She Facetimed Khloe to show her outfits,” says Julianna. “And Khloe was so supportive and told her she looked cute. She seems really close with all her sisters.”

About her clique…
“Some intel: Kylie did not bring anyone of note but did receive a beautiful bouquet of white roses from a mystery admirer!,” shares Aliyah. “Whoever it was she called them immediately and couldn't stop smiling.”

About Norman…
He wasn’t there. :(


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What it was like on set with Kylie Jenner at her ELLE Canada shoot