Oct 9, 2015

The ELLE team's favourite scary movies

By: Sarah Laing

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Oct 9, 2015

The ELLE team's favourite scary movies

By: Sarah Laing

Tis the season to scream your head off while stuffing your face with candy corn (the horror, the horror!). Here are some of the ELLE Canada staff's favourite fright fests.

They're some classic choices (you'll note The Ring features heavily) because apparently none of us have actually seen a scary movie since 2000.

Vanessa Craft, beauty director:

"This movie straight up put me in a dark place. I didn’t sleep for a week thinking about all the horrific deaths suffered by the people in this film. Not even Brad Pitt’s sweet visage could stop my stomach from churning, which is probably the scariest thing of all."

Ciara Rickard, production editor:

The Shining
"To say it's the scariest movie I've ever seen is a slight fib…because I was too freaked out to watch the whole thing. #thosetwins" 

Carli Whitwell, beauty and health editor:

The Exorcist
"After watching this classic at a sleepover with my friends in Grade 9, I'm pretty sure I made my mom sleep in my room the next couple of nights. I was convinced that I would be possessed (I'm 100% heathen) and pea-green skin is just not a good look for me."

Reginald Leung, designer:

Scream Queens
"Although not a movie, my favorite horror show right now is Scream Queens. It’s so witty and well written it’s hard not to LMAO. The humor is so on point, and the casting is even better. Emma Roberts plays the most perfect mean girl that even I would be honored to be part of her blood stained posse." 

Aliyah Shamsher, features editor:

"I love scary movies! So while I can't say I was terrified of clowns for the rest of my life after seeing It the movie did start my life-long love affair with horror movies and purposely trying to scare myself (this one definitely did the trick)."

Sarah Laing, associate features editor:

The Village
"Thanks to this M. Night Shamaylan classic, I have a deep seated fear of encountering rat-like creatures in hooded scarlet robes whenever I’m in the woods, which is thankfully never." 

Liz Guber, associate fashion editor:

"Go ahead and call me lame, but this is about as scary a movie as I can handle. I'd rather take inspo from Winona Ryder's Victorian mourning attire than spend 2 hours with my hands covering my face."

Victoria DiPlacido, assistant beauty editor:

The Ring
"I had to re-watch this film in university along with the Japanese original. It was still terrifying. I first saw the movie when email chains were at the height of their insanity (“forward this to 150590 people by midnight tonight or ELSE”) and it did not assuage my fears of what would happen if I accidentally read one." 

Paris Palcit, editorial assistant:

The Ring
"This eerie flick is a total life-ruiner for any and all 11 year-old girls – not to mention, seeing it in New York completely terrified me for the rest of my trip. I’m only now getting over my deep-seated fear of little girls crawling out of wells and fuzzy TV screens."

Aliza Virani, editorial assistant:

The Ring
"I don't know if this qualifies as "favourite" so much as haven't-slept-properly-in-a-room-with-a-TV-since-I-watched-this movie. I may or may not still sleep with a small light and look away from reflective surfaces in the dark. Hopefully this mention does not haunt me in (ring) seven days."


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The ELLE team's favourite scary movies