Mad Men sweetheart, actress Jessica Paré chats with ELLE Canada

Mad Men actress Jessica Paré opens up about her family, Montreal roots, and the joys of playing Mrs. Draper.

Feb 12, 2013
Kathryn Hudson
John Vander Schilden

jessica-pare-2.jpgIt's the same with Mad Men. There's that never-ending tension.
"So much of the important stuff is unsaid. And it's really very difficult to do. It's also respectful to your audience to assume that they get it rather than spelling it out for them."

Do you talk through everything to make sure it gets resolved or do you feel comfortable between the lines?
"I'm discovering as I get older that that doesn't always need to happen, and it's okay. Sometimes you move forward just by moving forward."

You've said a few times today that your peace of mind came with age.
"Most of my good girlfriends are older, so I had only high hopes about turning 30 - and so far I haven't been disappointed.

I feel like I have more fun; I'm able to let go of the things that don't matter so much. I'm not saying ‘Congratulations! At 31, I'm a fully formed human being!' Hopefully I'll keep improving." [Laughs]

Have you learned a lot from your parents?
"I've always been really close with all of them: my dad, mother and stepmother.

I love my mom's spontaneity and her joie de vivre, my dad's analytical wit, and my stepmother is really reflective.

Between my stepmother and my mom, I've learned from two very different personalities. In terms of my organization now, I can either go full hoarder or full purger."

Have you started hoarding in your new house?
"No! Even my therapist is like, ‘Keep that!' with, say, a production hat from Jack & Bobby, which I did in 2004. I don't think I need it, but he says those are things I may want at some point. So I just have a box marked ‘history' and it all goes in there."

What happens when the box is full?
"I don't know! [Laughs] Don't stress me out about it!"

Are you happy to be settled?
"I'm very lucky to be able to travel a lot, but sometimes I start to get a little squirrelly when I'm not in my home. I was just shooting an independent film, Standby, in Dublin - or downtown Ireland, as I like to call it. We were outside at night with people barfing on our shoes between takes. [Laughs] That thing that you hear about the Irish drinking...."

It's so true. Did you go out in Dublin?
"Unfortunately, I did get a few chances, so I didn't really see the city during the day." [Laughs]

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