Katy Perry: ELLE Canada interview

A new album. A new fragrance. A new look. Has Katy Perry reinvented herself? Find out in our celebrity interview.

Aug 29, 2013
Kathryn Hudson
Mariano Vivanco
Katy Perry: ELLE Canada interview

The swirling chaos that surrounds Katy Perry is making me light-headed. I’m standing in a Manhattan mansion, practically being force-fed glitter-filled champagne like a slightly drunk foie-gras duck. Perry, legendary pop star and evident party lover, is swanning around the grand room in a Thom Browne bustle gown, tapping people with a sceptre and laughing hysterically. She breaks only to eat cake and dance with New York DJs the Dolls, who are spinning ear-shattering ’80s pop.

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It’s late, but she is celebrating the launch of her latest fragrance, Killer Queen—another building block in the empire she has created since hitting the scene in 2008 with the sexy “I Kissed a Girl.” She seems on a high. It’s understandable: This is the biggest fragrance launch. Ever. Her fourth album, Prism, is only hitting shelves this month, and it’s already a success.

All this glitter is churning in my stomach. When I sit down with Perry in a plush hotel, she is more demure. Her body—as though sketched by a teenage boy—is hugged by a high-collared emerald-green Moschino dress fronted with a regal spray of roses. Despite the royal-themed dress and fragrance, she’s quick to cast aside any fussy associations. “I’ll be the jester to the princess,” she says with a laugh. “The comedian counterpart!”

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But she’s not the confectionery-breasted bubble-gum queen anymore. “It’s a whole new chapter,” someone in Perry’s entourage whispered before I met her. She has grown up and come out the other side of a reportedly messy divorce from comedian Russell Brand. “You held me down but I got up,” say the lyrics of “Roar,” the infectious first single of her new album. “You’re gonna hear me roar.”

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