Kate Mara: ELLE Canada interview

Kate Mara has always been driven, but for this charmingly straightforward House of Cards actress, the time is now.

Jan 06, 2014
Kathryn Hudson
Max Abadian

0kate-mara-celebrity-interview-0.jpgIs she still a football fan? “You’d have to be an idiot not to find it important, being in my family,” she shouts. “When I was a kid, it was just fun to go and hang out with my cousins. When I was 18, I started paying attention to how incredible it is that my family started the teams. That’s when I realized what an important story it is in my life.”

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So important, in fact, that after missing the Steelers’ Super Bowl win in 2006 because of an acting gig, she worked a clause into her next contracts to make sure she’d never miss either of her two teams playing the big game again.

While her family shares an unmatched sporting legacy, they also bond over film. “I’m obsessed with going to the movies,” she says, laughing. “I see everything.” (From Los Angeles, she trades regular emails with her two brothers, who still live in New York, fighting about what films they loved and hated.) Of course, now she shares acting with her younger sister, Rooney, the edgy star of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Critics have cooked up many Hollywood-worthy stories about the sisters. (You know the cliché: A younger sister sweeps into the industry and racks up accolades while her older sister continues working quietly.) That’s fiction, though. Mara is clear that there is more than enough work—and praise—to go around. “I started so young, so I had the experience of doing it on my own for a long time,” she explains. “Then to have somebody I could really bond with over the experience, the excitement of it, the rejection and all of that?” She’s beaming. “It makes it easier knowing that someone who shares your blood also shares your passion and can understand the ups and downs of it.”


One of Mara’s ups—one that her movie-loving family is feverish about—is sci-fi thriller Transcendence with Paul Bettany and Johnny Depp, out this April. “People are like, ‘What’s it like working with Johnny Depp?’ and I have no idea,” she says with a laugh. “I wanted to do the movie because the role was very different for me and anything I’d done, but, funnily enough, I had no scenes with Johnny Depp. I met him for 10 seconds. He wouldn’t know me if he saw me.”

She’s being too modest about her reputation. A Canadian writer and blogger—who resembles the actress—recently tweeted Mara that some “guy just maniacally asked about the next season of HoC, realized I wasn’t you and swore. I took one for the team!” So although Mara describes her day-to-day life with insouciance—she walks her dogs, Bruno and Lucius, she people-watches, she works out—it’s clear that, soon, nothing will be as it was. The work she has been getting steadily since she was a teen has changed gears: She’s a star now, not just an actress. She crinkles up her delicate features at the suggestion that getting recognized might change her life—that it might swing the balance she has set out for herself that pairs hanging out with her boyfriend with attending the Emmys. Then she smiles. “I’m just as excited today as I was when I had my very first audition.”

But, with all that’s in store for her this year, maybe she should be even more excited.

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