Emma Roberts is young Hollywood's rising star

She was born into the spotlight, but the untameable Emma Roberts is earning her own place in Hollywood.

Apr 23, 2014
Kathryn Hudson
Max Abadian

emma-roberts-interview-all.jpgIs it true that your mom didn’t want you to go into show business?
“She just didn’t want me to go into it young. When you come from a family that’s in the industry, they’re always like, ‘Be a doctor! Be a lawyer!’ But we end up wanting to be actors. Gia and I were talking about that—we love storytelling and movies. I remember feeling that magic when I was, like, seven, visiting my aunt Julia on set. I would go into the wardrobe room and try everything on. It felt special.”

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What movie sets did you visit when you were a kid?

“There’s a Polaroid of me wearing one of my aunt’s outfits from Erin Brockovich and it looked like I had huge boobs. [Laughs] Then I was on America’s Sweethearts, which they were shooting at a hotel that had a waterslide. It’s funny the things you remember. I was in the background of one scene wearing a purple shirt, and I thought I was so cool.”

Did Julia give you advice when you were starting out?
“No. No one said anything to me about acting because they hoped it would just be a phase. But I kept doing it!”

It seems like you have a very clear sense of self.
“I’ve always been very opinionated. That’s what comes from being raised by a single mother. My mom always instilled confidence and told me to have an opinion and to educate myself. But I definitely have my days. I was crying yesterday because I jumped on the trampoline and sprained my foot and was feeling nervous about the shoot today and got some bad news. I was sitting with my foot up, icing it, and being so upset. Then I woke up today and was like, ‘Let’s do it differently.’ There are days when your hair is looking great and you feel determined—then the next day you’re like, ‘My horoscope’s bad, my hair’s bad, I don’t want to get out of bed.’” [Laughs]


Speaking of education, you started at Sarah Lawrence College in New York and then left. Do you intend to go back?
“I thought I would for a while. It’s never too late, but I love travelling and reading. That’s kind of the school that I want to be in: the school of life. Besides, I’m so bad with deadlines—I’m the worst.”

You’re a procrastinator?
“I’m such a procrastinator. I put off cleaning. I’m not really messy, but it’s organized chaos. I’ll have a pair of shorts under a huge pile of clothes, and if my mom folds them, I’ll be like, ‘Mom, where are the shorts under the pile of clothes?’”

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