Emily VanCamp: ELLE Canada interview

Emily VanCamp is a small-town Canadian girl who just happens to be taking over Hollywood.

Mar 04, 2014
Kathryn Hudson
Colette de Barros

emily-vancamp-celebrity-02.jpgHow does your family feel about you being in this business?
“They’ve always been so supportive, but we have four girls in my family so they couldn’t up and leave with me. I respect that they encouraged me to go after my dreams but didn’t necessarily facilitate it. I think you need to learn to take care of yourself. Let’s be honest: People can get kind of weird in this business, so I’m lucky to have my family. They’re no bullshit.”

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Your dad is the only boy in that house?
“It’s insane. We did have a cat named Nibbles who was a boy. Nibbles was like the epitome of rags-to-riches. He started out as a feral cat and got into a big fight with a raccoon; he was allowed in the house for a minute, and then he totally weaseled his way into becoming the king of the house. He knew exactly when my little sister would get off the school bus, and he would sit there and wait for her like a dog.”

Was it hard starting your career so young?
“I think I knew I would never go home when I left, which is sort of weird for a child. I loved my hometown, but there was always a part of me that wanted to do these crazy things. I was probably a lot more courageous then than I am now. I was always a bit of an odd child.”

Is it annoying to be described as the girl next door?
“A little bit! I’m nothing like the girl next door. When you think of her, you think of a strong moral compass and a wholesome upbringing, but my life has been anything but conventional or normal. It’s a really odd way to be described by people who don’t really know you. I kind of preferred, as I entered into the Revenge and Captain America realm, the badass thing that people were talking about. Maybe that’s a little more like me.”

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Are you adventurous?
“Absolutely. I think I’ve been a massive risk taker. I love adventure, travel and being surprised.”

What has surprised you recently?

“How excited I am to have children! It never seemed tangible, but my sister just had a baby—beautiful little Ivy—and my sister Alison is having a baby boy. Suddenly, it’s like that part of my life is real. I find myself dreaming about it all the time. [Laughs] In your late 20s, you start to realize you can’t call yourself a baby anymore.”

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