ELLE Interview: Scott Speedman

The Toronto-raised actor opens up about his competitive nature, what drew him to acting and his future ambitions.

Oct 11, 2012
Kathryn Hudson
Andrew MacPherson
ELLE interview: Scott Speedman

Scott Speedman has been acting for nearly 20 years. Not bad for someone who is only 37. But while a policeman, say, would be sliding into retirement after two decades of service, maybe even practising his golf swing in anticipation, Speedman feels like he's just getting started.

There has been an arc in the Toronto-raised actor's career. He started out early in a now-chuckle-worthy episode of Goosebumps with Ryan Gosling. Then he reached oh-my-God-he's-so-dreamy fame as the hunk in J.J. Abrams' Felicity. After a stint in the Underworld franchise alongside Kate Beckinsale, he sort of slipped off the big-name roster for a few years. (He was busy dating Heather Graham, among other things.)

This year, though, after a handful of really well-received independent films (like Barney's Version and Edwin Boyd), Speedman snapped back into public focus with the tearjerker The Vow. Now he's headlining Global's Last Resort -a white-knuckle drama set on a submarine from the creative team that dreamed up The Shield.

Ever get claustrophobic while filming?
"Well, it's not a real sub-one side is a bunch of crew guys eating tacos. [Laughs] It's pretty intense in different ways. The story is obviously intense itself, but trying to do that kind of show in eight days is also a challenge.... We did a lot of action this week: a lot of running around, a lot of emoting, a lot of brooding."

You play a lot of brooding characters.
[Laughs] "I'm pretty moody myself so the characters probably aren't; I just bring that to them."

You're moody?

You sound so proud of that.
"I just know who I am. I'm not crabby; my mood is affected by the quality of what's happening on-set."

That's fair.
"I get a little uptight if things aren't going the way I think they should be going. Those are the things I'm pretty intense about."

Does Scott Speedman still identify himself as a Canadian? Find out on the next page...


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