ELLE Interview: Kristen Stewart

Twilight sweetheart, Kristen Stewart, opens up to ELLE Canada about growing up in the spotlight, the fame game and how she likes to spend her time in the kitchen.

Sep 07, 2012
Kathryn Hudson
Cover Media
ELLE Interview: Kristen Stewart

When you are talking about Kristen Stewart, it seems impossible to keep up with the swirling controversy about her personal life. I spoke with the actress shortly before those now-infamous pictures were bandied about-I have no late-breaking gossip. In fact, I'm going to steer clear of that altogether to avoid Twihard death threats and Twitter rumours.

Here is what I will say... Stewart drops a revealing clue about herself before we have even formally introduced ourselves. "Hi, Kat? It's Kristen," she says, her unmistakable monotone pinging through cell towers from where she is in Paris to the phone in my hand. That's the clue. Because that's not how this generally goes.

Normally, a publicist calls to see if you're ready to speak to "Ms. Stewart," or any other person famous enough to make it seem rude to initially call them by their first name (even though they're invariably younger than you). Then the publicist connects you to the assistant, who then (and I have no proof but have often pictured it this way) holds the phone to the celeb's ear for the duration of the chat.

It seems that, at 22, Stewart is bringing dialing back. But as the sun sets on Twilight, we chat about her role as the face of Balenciaga's new fragrance, Florabotanica, high-school bullies, pies and learning not to care about interviews.

Congratulations on being named Forbes' highest-paid actress. How do you measure success?
"Those Forbes lists are fucking bullshit. Really, they're ridiculous. The list itself is somewhat true but not in detail-not that that matters.... I'm never going to be the type of person who sits on a big mountain of money. Things become stagnant. But on a success level, I've never felt more challenged. I'm so ready to work right now. If I can always feel as challenged as I do now, I'll feel successful."

Discover what sparked Kristen Stewart's interest in fashion and how she feels about Twilight ending on the next page...


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