Celebrity Style: Meet actress Emily Blunt

Looper star Emily Blunt talks about her craft and about lasagna, child stars and the role she’d love to play next.

Oct 02, 2012
Anne Brodie
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Celebrity Style: Meet actress Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt, so huge in talent and so tiny in person, is chatting about an apparently deep-seated love of shoes, as she charmingly battles a case of jet lag. Blunt has arrived at the Toronto International Film Festival to support Rian Johnson's sci-fi action thriller Looper in its world premiere.

She plays Sara, a gun-toting mother and rancher mixed up with a time-travelling assassins played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis.

Our interview starts with Blunt asking ELLE Canada if shoes are our deal so we send the question right back.

What's your deal?
Jet lag! No, I'm the girl who makes great lasagna because I make it with so many different cheeses it just oozes cheese into a puddle. I don't have specific clothing traits. Maybe I am indistinguishable. That's what I would prefer.

You radiate an unusually intense empathy on cinema. Is that something that you're aware of?
People have said that before, but I've also been drawn to roles and enjoyed playing within the role lots of different things. No one is just one thing, just wonderful, or just bitchy.

People are many things but I really enjoy characters and when I read them I wonder "Oh, how am I going to do this?" You can't box them in. I have heard that, but I find it strange talking about this because I don't really know what I'm giving off. I don't want to know what it is! [Laughs]

Sara takes on a traditionally male role in Looper. She runs the ranch, takes up arms and defends the homestead. I found that exciting.
I did too because so often I read scripts where the character is based on gender as opposed to an actual personality or character and you're having to conform to a gender which I find really frustrating. I'm always encouraging writers, I always say "Write me as a guy, just write me as you would a guy and I'll do the rest."

Because I think that Rian never thinks likes that. He just wrote the most fantastic character for any girl to play. I love that she has this fierce protectiveness and strength and this past that she was so regretful of and self-loathing of. And the ambiguity of the girl unpeeling her as you go through and finally in the monologue in the bedroom you find out why she is so guilt-ridden. I thought it was beautiful.

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