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Editor’s Pick: Oliver Goldsmith’s super chic sunglasses


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Oliver Goldsmith Editors Pick: Oliver Goldsmiths super chic sunglassesThrowing chic shade—Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses, from top: Duke ($420); Logan ($420); Oops ($440); Piero ($440); and Grace ($405), at Bruce Eyewear, Toronto. Photo by Geoffrey Ross.

The world of fashion accessories was changed forever with a single statement: “Woman wouldn’t dream of wearing the same shoes for shopping as she would for a party, yet she will put on the same old glasses. We’re out to change that.”

The bon mots belong to Oliver Goldsmith, the founder of the eponymous company crafting edgy spectacles for the fashion and film icons of 20th century—think classic Vidal Sassoon campaigns and Audrey Hepburn’s oversized white sunglasses in How to Steal a Million. Fashion houses, from Givenchy to Dior, have collaborated with Goldsmith to create frames for their seasonal collections revolutionizing the way we wear sunglasses today.

The modern Oliver Goldsmith frames are replicas of sunnies from their archive, which provide an irresistible opportunity to embrace your inner Hollywood diva. The newest release includes The Claire Goldsmith collection inspired by British film history, from ’60s cult classic Quadrophenia to Trainspotting (hello, Ewan McGregor!). It also features the famous Grace style, a twin of the frames worn by Princess Grace of Monaco, a particularly loyal Oliver Goldsmith fan, who acquired more than 30 pairs.

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Object of desire: EcoTools Skin Perfecting Brush ($9.99)


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natural skin makeup brush eco tools Object of desire: EcoTools Skin Perfecting Brush ($9.99)The all-natural beauty craze is at an all-time high this spring. We’re giving oil pulling a try with organic coconut oil, performing at-home manicures with natural nail care products and investing in the newest, most eco-friendly makeup products on the planet. But going green in the beauty world isn’t just about using natural formulas. It’s about the tools you use to apply them. Cue in EcoTools Skin Perfecting Brush–a natural alternative to synthetic makeup brushes that we’re trying out this season.

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Editor’s Pick: Eliunt Compendium Olive Oil Pack ($125)


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the compendium pack eliunt 1 extra virgin olive oil Editors Pick: Eliunt Compendium Olive Oil Pack ($125)There’s a reason why olive oil is said to be “liquid gold”. Aside from the endless list of health benefits (everything from reducing blood pressure to improving your skin and hair), there is something so exquisite and simple about good quality EVOO. Plus, when it comes to anything gold, I’m in to it.

But this isn’t your typical olive oil. Perfectly cultivated into sophisticated black tubes and harvested from ten different countries from around the world, each Eliunt oil exudes aromas and flavours deriving from each region. Imagine indulging in Holy Oil from Jordan or Anfora from Italy. Not only is this set a great kitchen counter accessory but the clever packaging makes it easy to throw in your lunchbox or picnic basket.

Eliunt The Compendium Pack ($125), at eliunt.com.

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