3 ways to find the perfect gift


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perfect gift 3 ways to find the perfect gift

Find the ultimate gift in three simple steps. Image courtesy of Leda & St. Jacques.

By Kerala Woods

I’m always on the hunt for the perfect gift this time of year. In my extensive holiday shopping research over many Christmases spent circling malls for “the one”, I’ve distilled my criteria down to a three-part formula. Consider it my gift to you.

1. Be a classic. Whether it’s  style is sexy, casual or edgy, the perfect gift must be an item that you can see your BFF using (or falling in love with) over and over again. A multi-purpose item that you can add to their lives and not worry that they’ll grow tired of it just a few weeks down the line. Read more…

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Julia Roberts is the face of Givenchy’s Spring 2015 campaign


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HONORED. @givenchyofficial #love #verytisci #gang #family #prettywoman #icon

A photo posted by riccardotisci17 (@riccardotisci17) on

Riccardo Tisci has named a new muse for Spring 2015 — and no, it’s not a Kardashian — opting instead for a #prettywoman (his hashtag). Last night the Givenchy creative director announced via Instagram that Julia Roberts is the face of the French house’s spring campaign.

Roberts joins a lineup that includes Erykah Badu, Lea T. and Kendall Jenner (OK, so there is a Kardashian after all) for the Spring 2015 ad. This March marks Tisci’s 10-year tenure at Givenchy, and his proclivity for interesting muses is no doubt reflected in this season’s lineup.

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Shay Mitchell launches Amore & Vita, exclusive to eLUXE collection


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shay mitchell eluxe amore vita Shay Mitchell launches Amore & Vita, exclusive to eLUXE collection Pretty Little Liars star Canadian actress Shay Mitchell. Photos courtesy of eLUXE.

This week Shay Mitchell, one of our favourite former Canadian cover girls and Pretty Little Liars star, launched a capsule collection of logo-emblazoned tees and tanks, Amore & Vita, exclusive to eLUXE, along with her BFF and business partner Michaela Blaney. The collection takes its name from the duo’s lifestyle blog, Amore & Vita, and is available exclusively through eLUXE. We chatted with the L.A.-based BFFs/designers about their own meet-cute, how the collab came about, and the best ways to win at holiday party dressing this season (and take the best selfie doing so, because, obviously).

You have the blog and and now your collection, so I’m curious how you both met.

Shay: “We met in high school. We were on opposing teams – volleyball and basketball. We were against each other. She lived in North Vancouver; I lived in West Vancouver in B.C., Canada. And it was one of those things where I don’t know if we really got along so much in high school. We had friends that kind of melded together and then Michaela and me were the last to really join forces. After high school was really when our relationship started to grow. I came back from living in Toronto and I would visit and we would hang out and I think at that point we were both ready to be friends.” Read more…

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