The Apple Watch and iPhone 6: What you need to know!


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iPhone6 34FR SpGry iPhone6plus 34FL SpGry Homescreen PRINT 701x1024 The Apple Watch and iPhone 6: What you need to know!The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Unless you were completely unplugged yesterday, you likely heard that Apple made some fairly big announcements. If you want to sound like a member of the stylish digerati, here are five things you need to know:

1. When asked for your thoughts on the iPhone 6 Plus…
You say: “It’s the Karlie Kloss of smartphones. It’s 5.5 inches high and only 7.1 mm wide, making it the tallest and thinnest phone out there.”
Bonus points: If you really want to impress someone, mention that the Retina HD display has nearly three times the pixels of the iPhone 5s.
The deets: This new-tech “supe” hits stores on September 19, and pre-orders start on September 12. The iPhone 6 Plus comes in gold, silver and space grey and starts at $859. (The iPhone 6, which is 4.7 inches tall, starts at $749.)

2. The feature you’re geeking out about…
You say: “Oh, that’s easy—it’s the improved time-lapse and slow-mo video features. My runway videos from Fashion Week will be the best I’ve ever had.”
Bonus points: Toss out a few additional stats that impress you—for example, the faster frame rate of up to 60 fps and the 240 fps for slo-mo.

So what’s the one product that will change your life forever? Read on. Read more…

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ELLE Canada model-search winner announced! Congrats, Jovana Zelenovic!


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model boot camp ELLE Canada model search winner announced! Congrats, Jovana Zelenovic!It was a very close race among the three top contenders for our Boot Camp to Big Time model contest with Elmer Olsen Model Management. In the end, Jovana Zelenovic won the judges over. “I’m very excited about Jovana, and I look forward to introducing her to all the international agents,” says Elmer Olsen. “She has an amazing career ahead of her…remember her name!” The ELLE Canada judges felt the same way. “Jovana has a unique quality: She’s both classically beautiful and edgy, which makes her extremely versatile,” says our fashion features director, Laura deCarufel. “Also, those cheekbones—beyond.”

Model Finalist Jovana ELLE Canada model search winner announced! Congrats, Jovana Zelenovic!
The model-in-the-making from Hamilton, Ont., says she entered the contest because she thought it would be a fun adventure. She has just graduated from high school and is taking a semester off before heading to university to study life sciences at McMaster University. If this “modelling gig” takes off, Jovana may just have to pack her bags and travel the world for a while. “That’s what interests me about being a model—you get to travel and meet so many people,” she says. “It’s a real-life education that I can’t get at university.”
While she may delay school for a little while, it’s still her plan to take advantage of the opportunities she has to get an education. “I read Malala Yousafzai’s book and was so inspired,” she says. “Everything about her is pretty amazing. Her bravery. Her perseverance. You have to stop and think—we have a pretty good deal living here in Canada.”
Her other hero is Elon Musk, co-founder and CEO of Tesla Motors. “I think the Tesla car is pretty groundbreaking,” says Jovana. “It’s eco-friendly because it’s electric. Elon Musk seems like a really good person and generous—he’s making his patent open source. I admire that.”

Elon’s not the only one who is driven to succeed. Stay tuned for our online coverage of Boot Camp to Big Time on July 17 in Toronto. Will Jovana get her big break?

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