7 beauty habits to kick/keep in your 20s


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Kendal 7 beauty habits to kick/keep in your 20s Even Kendall Jenner goes makeup free (or nearly makeup free – we all must start somewhere) on occasion. (Photo: Instagram/kendalljenner)

Building a beauty routine that works for you is all about prioritizing: Maybe you don’t have the time (or the desire) to learn how to achieve editorial-level contouring, but by age 30, possessing one go-to shade of blush that makes your skin look like it was kissed by a Victoria’s Secret model is manageable. Below, see the 7 health and beauty habits you should master (and which ones you should ignore) in your twenties:

1. OK: Not knowing how to make a fishtail braid.
Not OK: Not understanding that dry shampoo is the secret to the universe, happiness and an extra hour of sleep.

2. OK: Not knowing how to pronounce Gewürztraminer.
Not OK: Not knowing how to pronounce “I only drink champagne”.

3. OK: Not “getting” nail art.
Not OK: Still biting your nails.

4. OK: Wearing every free sample of makeup you can get your hands on.
Not OK: Wearing a foundation that doesn’t match your face.

5. OK: Using self-tanner.
Not OK: Skipping sunscreen.

6. OK: Indulging in a doughnut.
Not OK:
Thinking a bacon doughnut is a complete breakfast.

7. OK: Occasionally going out for a few drinks with friends.
Not OK: Falling asleep with your makeup on at the end of the night.

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The nail polish colour our beauty department is obsessed with


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FieldFoxVinylux The nail polish colour our beauty department is obsessed withIt looks unassuming and muted, but this little bottle of wondrous colour will change your life. Trust. CND Vinylux Weekly Polish in Field Fox

In the nearly two years  Beauty Director Vanessa Craft and I have worked together, we’ve never fought over a beauty product. She’s all about curly hair conditioners, nude lipsticks and $500 serums and rich face creams that promise to freeze her face in time; I collect vivid lipsticks, organic skincare and any hair product that will inflate embarrassingly flat hair. So, we-coexist happily working side by side, silently thanking the beauty gods for these opposing views.

Until CND’s Field Fox nail polish entered our lives. To be fair, nude nails are Vanessa’s thing, so perhaps there was some beauty osmosis at play– but after trying Field Fox, they instantly became mine too. I have star manicurist Naomi at Tips Nail Bar to thank; she’s the one who quite literally forced the shade—which is part of the brand’s Spring 2015 “Flora and Fauna” collection—on my hand. I left the salon baffled by the shade’s metamorphic beauty; it looked gorgeous under muddy subway lights, in fluorescent sandwich shops, moody coffee shops, sunlight and candelight. In a serendipitous moment, Vanessa strolled out of Tips the next day WEARING THE SAME COLOUR. At work we discovered we both had Field Fox on our nails. Were the gods trying to suggest that sharing is caring?

Since we both fell for this mauvey yet warm grey-ish nude, we’ve been wearing the shade almost exclusively for nearly two months. We often find ourselves dropping Field Fox into conversations, highlighting its miraculous ability to flatter ALL SKIN TONES. We’ve even had text discussions that include very serious questions such as “Why isn’t everything in life Field Fox?”.

It’s easily the nude nail polish of the year. As for colour of the year? Stay tuned.


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