Beauty News: Lena Dunham goes platinum blond


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lena dunham platinum Beauty News: Lena Dunham goes platinum blondFor real? Lena Dunham’s new ‘do. Image courtesy Instagram.

It’s official: platinum blond hair continues to dominate the hair colour game, with Girls creator Lena Dunham making the upgrade to a whiter shade of pale. She unveiled her new lid via her Instagram account, with many asking the obvious question: Is that a wig? It most certainty is not.

I’m really into the colour, not at all into the cut (blunt bags with her wavy hair texture? Nope) but am also really struggling with the idea of Dunham keeping this for her Girls character. I doubt it will last that long before it breaks off. Sorry, that’s just a #beautytruth when it comes to this hair colour.That hasn’t slowed its  Many celebs have been getting in on this hard-to-maintain shade for a while, with some of our top runway models embracing it too.

Would you take the platinum plunge?


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 Meet the man behind Mia Wasikowskas fab hairI can’t tell you how many women have said: “I want Mia Wasikowska’s hair!” I hear ya. Our September cover girl has the chic, tousled bob of my dreams, too. On set with the hairstylist Ryan Trygstad, I asked him the secret. “She’s got a good cut—but I also used Oribe Dry Texturing Spray and Oribe Superfine Hair Spray products plus I used Ti GI Bedhead Superstar Queen for a Day Thickening Spray on the roots.” Although the mood was very ‘60s with the fashion, Trygstad opted for a more modern interpretation of the hair. “It’s more fashiony, which I like. I’m glad we didn’t go with a more period-inspired look.”
Trygstad’s hair also has its own “I just woke up looking this fabulous” vibe. “It comes from years of practice,” he laughed. The New-York based stylist has been in the biz since he was three and spent his days at his aunt’s salon playing with brushes.
“Growing up I always thought I had to do something else; that I couldn’t do this for a living,” Trygstad recalled. “I did go to beauty school after high school but then I switched to art school. I didn’t finish and instead moved to New York and started back with hair.” He still paints occasionally, but he directs most of his creative energy into designing his tattoos. It’s been an ongoing project since one of his uncles paid for his first tattoo—at star—when he was 18. Since then, Trygstad has worked with tattoo artists to create a tapestry across his arms and chest that are inspired by textiles from Alexander McQueen, wallpaper designs from the ’20s and even a beautiful elephant that he met while doing makeup on the set for the film The International. “All the other elephants were mean on the set, but this one was a beauty. I don’t think the elephants made it into the film, but this one made it onto my arm.”
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