Beauty News: Miranda Kerr is the face of Escada’s new scent


Miranda Kerr New face escada Beauty News: Miranda Kerr is the face of Escadas new scentMiranda Kerr is the face of Escada’s new fragrance, Joyful. Image courtesy Escada.

In #BREAKINGBEAUTYNEWS (too much?), the absurdly gorgeous model Miranda Kerr is the new face of Escada Joyful. The timing is fitting, considering today is the International Day of Happiness. Joyful is the name of the soon-to-be-launched new fragrance from Escada, which we can only imagine will bring a smile to our faces once we try it. Earlier this morning Kerr tweeted the news, sharing the below photo.

Miranda Kerr Twitter escada Beauty News: Miranda Kerr is the face of Escadas new scentImage courtesy Miranda Kerr’s Twitter.

Kerr is obviously thrilled with the new partnership, saying it “[Joyful] has a lot of synergy with my personal outlook. It encourages positivity and confidence to see the bright side of life. I’m delighted about this new partnership and look forward to sharing more on the fragrance in the coming months.”

Stay tuned to our October issue for our exclusive interview with Kerr.

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