Justin Timberlake with Heidi Klum at the AMAs last night. Wait, where’s Jessica? You know…your wife. Image courtesy of Instagram.

File this under Monday Morning Suspiciousness. Justin Timberlake won three awards at last night’s American Music Awards. Delightful news. However, JT did not thank his wife ONCE during any of his THREE acceptance speeches. Weird, non?

Maybe the first time you forget, the second time you’re too focused on impersonating Rihanna’s mum’s Bajan accent (which, um…was AWFUL), but the third—surely the third time you walk up to collect, your friends/handlers/colleagues reminds you that, ‘dude, this time, your THIRD chance, you might want to thank your wife Jessica Biel, you know, the one who changed her name to yours.

Jessica’s response to all of the raised brows?

Jessica Biel defends Justin TimberlakeAMAs JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE SNUBS WIFE AT AMAS

Covering your man’s tracks, Jessica?


1. The Internet isn’t overreacting—it’s the people. The tweeters!! Sorry, it’s Monday. I’m cranky.

2. Watching from home? Wait…why? Either she’s shielding a baby bump or lazy or over fun parties or…ON THE ROCKS WITH JUSTIN. Scandal!

3. I’m all for taking some downtime with my dogs and making a night of it on the couch, but if my man performing, up for three awards….I’m pretty sure I would do my best to get my act together and support him. Something isn’t adding up here.

What do you think? Is this something to be concerned around, or am I part of the Internet Overreaction?

Satorial sidenote: JT’s navy and black suit (I’m betting on Tom Ford but will update this post later once I’m certain) was kind of ridiculously perfect. Am I right?

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