No. Just No. Fashion Heavy Hitters Wear Blackface At “Hallowood” Party in Milan


AnnaDelloRussoHallowood No. Just No. Fashion Heavy Hitters Wear Blackface At Hallowood Party in Milan

Photo from Instagram/anna_dello_russo.

Looking to start your Monday off with a cringe? This weekend, members of Milan’s fashion crowd like Dolce & Gabbana and Anna Della Russo came out for the big annual “Hallowood” costume ball.

The theme this year: Disco Africa. Though some guests took this to mean a celebration of African attire, others interpreted this as an opportunity to dress in completely inappropriate outfits. (And by inappropriate, we mean racist. And also: seriously?) Costumes included numerous blackface minstrel style get-ups and skin-darkened slaves in chains

We’re not sure how the likes of fashion designers such as Alessandro Dell’Acqua haven’t yet received the memo that blackface perpetuates racist, dehumanizing stereotypes and is therefore offensive, or that it is 2013 and any costumes involving such stereotypes need to be set on fire until they are dead and then buried six feet deep in the backyard of the ignorance-ain’t-bliss garden of grossness.


What’s your take on the situation? Tell us how you feel!


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