Editor’s Pick: Alona Shelemy Elise Necklace ($230)


object of desire1 Editors Pick: Alona Shelemy Elise Necklace ($230)

ELISE NECKLACE GLD Editors Pick: Alona Shelemy Elise Necklace ($230)

This striking yet delicate gold necklace – much like the desert flowers it’s inspired by – comes by way of London-based jewellery designer Alona Shelemy. Following the launch of her eponymous line, Shelemy’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection is rich in the colours (rose, yellow and pink golds abound) and splendour of a Middle Eastern desert at dusk. Can’t you just picture this gold Elise flowerbomb necklace (or one of the brass-finish cuffs or gunmetal pendants from the collection) as a regal finish to your night-out ensemble? You won’t have to – it just so happens the entire collection is available online.

Alona Shelemy Elise necklace ($230) at

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