Editor’s Pick: Treccani Milano Croc Riding Boot


object of desire Editors Pick: Treccani Milano Croc Riding BootRiding Boot Croc Treccani Milano Editors Pick: Treccani Milano Croc Riding Boot
It’s winter, I get it. I know I’m supposed to love the cold, frigid days, the wet flurries of mid-January, and rolling handfuls of freezing snow into round spheres and hurling them in a gaggle of laughter – you know, all things “Canadian”. But reality is, I just can’t. I’ve tried, I swear, but warm sunny days are more my fancy. That’s why this week’s Object of Desire is the Treccani Milano Croc Riding Boot, a perfect way to celebrate the heat wave that’s making it’s way through Toronto. What’s even more alluring about these buttery boots? They are custom-made in Italy and sold in Treccani’s Toronto studio. +12 on Sat, bring it on!

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