Object of desire

Editor’s Pick: Hermès Parures des Maharajas silk carré ($420)


object of desire1 1024x393 Editors Pick: Hermès Parures des Maharajas silk carré ($420)Soie AH12 31 1024x1024 Editors Pick: Hermès Parures des Maharajas silk carré ($420)

According to urban scarf legend, a Hermès scarf is sold every 25 seconds somewhere in the world. So if that’s really the case, I’d better hurry up and nab this one before it’s gone! Because if accessories can be objet d’arts, this Hermès carré is the fashion equivalent of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night—a dreamy, moody masterpiece.

Hermès Parures des Maharajas 90×90 silk carré ($420), available at Hers.

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