A sneak peek at our December 2012 cover starring Taylor Swift!


SUBS A sneak peek at our December 2012 cover starring Taylor Swift!

We’d like to congratulate Taylor Swift on the staggering success of her latest album Red, which dropped this week (it’s racked up over 4.5 million songs downloads in the U.S alone already).

So what better time to share a sneak peek at one of our two—yes, two—December 2012 covers starring the incredibly lovely Ms. Swift?

(I couldn’t wait to show off this cover which will be going out exclusively to our subscribers—but just wait until you see her on another Elle Canada cover that will be gracing newsstands across the country soon!)

Stay tuned—and follow us on Twitter and Facebook—for exclusive shots and interview excerpts from the upcoming issue…

Photography by Andrew Macpherson

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