Day 1 of London Fashion Week


I’ve been in London for roughly 12 hours and I’ve almost been run over twice. Once, by a car that flew out of nowhere (my fault, kind of) and the second time, by a swarm of paparazzi outside the London Fashion Week tents at Somerset House.

I thought that the photogs at New York Fashion Week were aggressive, but it turns out they’re nothing compared to the paps in London. I watched them accost some poor young British starlet after she jumped out of a cab. She moved fast, but the photographers kept pace and I didn’t see the hoard coming until they had surrounded me. (Admittedly, I’m still a little foggy after that overnight flight from Toronto).

Actually, I’ve been inadvertently photo-bombing people for two seasons. You may remember the infamous Kardashian incident of NYFW spring/summer 2012. Yup, that’s me looking homicidal. And today, again, I sat directly behind three Brit stars (no clue who they were) and probably ended up making goofy faces that will end up in the British tabloids.

Felder Felder RF12 1723 681x1024 Day 1 of London Fashion Week

A yellow flapper-esque dress at Felder Felder. Image courtesy of

But not to worry, it hasn’t all been near-death experiences and drive-by photo shoots. In the short time I’ve been in London, I’ve seen some fantastic fashion. An early highlight was Felder Felder‘s yellow beaded flapper dress that would suit Downton Abbey’s Lady Mary.

Braganza RF12 0642 682x1024 Day 1 of London Fashion Week

A look from Jean Pierre Braganza. Image courtesy of

At Jean Pierre Braganza‘s “Chandelerium” show the collection, which was inspired by a Victorian woman gone mad, was all purple-and-gold metallic jacquard, embellished embroidery and purple tweed fabrics. “I couldn’t stop thinking about the sensuality of being covered,” Braganza wrote in his show notes. “The idea that Victorian women were so strictly concealed, moulded and tailored to within an inch of their lives that they would go mad from the repression. My regal women are consorting with darkness in order to cope and find ways of subverting the tradition to remain sane.” I have a feeling that the finale music, M.I.A.’s “Bad Girls,” won’t be the last time I hear the infectious refrain “Live fast, die young, bad girls do it well” this week.

PPQ RF12 2077 681x1024 Day 1 of London Fashion Week

Layers and ombre chiffon at PPQ. Image courtesy of

I ended Day 1 at PPQ The show notes said the collection was dedicated to the “apocalyptic romance of winter.” The draping layers, 50′s style glam tailoring and ombre chiffon, left front-row heavy weight, Hilary Alexander, smiling and bobbing her head. 

What was your favourite show from Day 1 of London Fashion Week?

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