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Top patriotic cookies


A stylish Canada Day recipe

By Ava Baccari

Cookies Top patriotic cookies

You know how nothing (nothing) is more inviting than the scent of freshly baked cookies wafting through a room? Well I figured I’d bring that sense of homebaked goodness to the ELLE Canada offices on Thursday. Perfect way to lead into a long weekend, right?

It’s been a long week of fact-checking, interviewing celebrities (stay tuned to find out who!), and avoiding the gym, so naturally I decided the best way to top off the week would be to wake up early Thursday morning and bake for the ELLE Canada team. No one yields to the mid-day sugar crash like our editorial team, and I’m always happy to provide the sweets.

I decided on gooey maple brownies to celebrate my favourite Canadian flavouring—Happy birthday Canada!—with a recipe plucked from my trusty gluten-free baking book. (Since my diagnosis with a gluten allergy just over a year ago, my library of cookbooks has undergone a total wheat-free overhaul.)

The best part of the baking experience is seeing a person take their first bite. And if I have anything to say about it, their eighth or 80th one.

Let’s swap recipes! Send me your favourite ones for homemade treats.

P.S. I like cookies!

Do you prefer to bake tried-and-true recipes or always try something new?

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