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Trec Alex ELLE Canada Canadian DJ Alex Merrell launches TREC travel appDJ Alex Merrell at the Toronto launch of her TREC travel app. Photos by Tyler Rumi

Earlier this week, globetrotting Canadian DJ Alex Merrell launched her brand-new travel app TREC at Toronto’s new The Cloak cocktail bar. TREC, which stands for The Remarkable Explorers Club, is a social platform for frequent travelers. It connects users through shared travel calendars and socially curated city guides. “My biggest frustration has been missing people by not knowing they were in town!” says Merrell, who is TREC’s founder and CEO.TrecParty Canadian DJ Alex Merrell launches TREC travel app

Guests were brought in to a space that was decked out like a classic train car. They sipped on custom cocktails and chatted about their favourite places to hang out around the world—which they could then share on TREC city guides, which showcases the best things to eat, drink, do and places to stay direct from your own friends.TREC Party makeup Canadian DJ Alex Merrell launches TREC travel app

Alex Merrell gets a touch up at the Smashbox lip bar at Toronto’s TREC travel app launch party.

TREC is available for download for iOS on the App Store.

Travel Insider: Canadian Alex Merrell on how to DJ your way across the globe.

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EC model banner FINAL  ELLE Canada Model Search: Meet your 15 semifinalists

We’re turning 15 this spring. (We know, we know, we don’t look a day over 10!) And in honour of the milestone, we teamed up with Saks Fifth Avenue and Chantale Nadeau Model Placement to launch the Instagram #ECModelSearch. Now, we need your help picking a winner!

Some 5,700 of you entered the contest and our team of discerning judges from ELLE Canada, Saks Fifth Avenue and Chantale Nadeau Model Placement have selected 15 semifinalists. But we really, really think highly of you guys (truth) and want you to weigh in on who you think should be a top-five finalist. Who should get a shot at Insta-fame?

Head over here to vote:

You can vote more than once but only once a day. You have until January 15 to vote for your favourite model. Finalists will be announced on January 18.

Here’s what’s at stake:
- In late February/early March, the five finalists will be flown to Toronto for a live photo shoot at Queen Street Saks Fifth Avenue. The photo shoot will be published in the 15th-anniversary issue of ELLE Canada (May 2016).
- The winner will be announced on Instagram on March 28. In addition to appearing in the ELLE Canada anniversary issue, she will be profiled in an exclusive editorial feature on and may be managed by Chantale Nadeau Model Placement.

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Kendal 7 beauty habits to kick/keep in your 20s Even Kendall Jenner goes makeup free (or nearly makeup free – we all must start somewhere) on occasion. (Photo: Instagram/kendalljenner)

Building a beauty routine that works for you is all about prioritizing: Maybe you don’t have the time (or the desire) to learn how to achieve editorial-level contouring, but by age 30, possessing one go-to shade of blush that makes your skin look like it was kissed by a Victoria’s Secret model is manageable. Below, see the 7 health and beauty habits you should master (and which ones you should ignore) in your twenties:

1. OK: Not knowing how to make a fishtail braid.
Not OK: Not understanding that dry shampoo is the secret to the universe, happiness and an extra hour of sleep.

2. OK: Not knowing how to pronounce Gewürztraminer.
Not OK: Not knowing how to pronounce “I only drink champagne”.

3. OK: Not “getting” nail art.
Not OK: Still biting your nails.

4. OK: Wearing every free sample of makeup you can get your hands on.
Not OK: Wearing a foundation that doesn’t match your face.

5. OK: Using self-tanner.
Not OK: Skipping sunscreen.

6. OK: Indulging in a doughnut.
Not OK:
Thinking a bacon doughnut is a complete breakfast.

7. OK: Occasionally going out for a few drinks with friends.
Not OK: Falling asleep with your makeup on at the end of the night.

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