Health By the numbers: The Lolë White Tour Toronto


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lolewhitetour By the numbers: The Lolë White Tour Toronto

Photo by Carli Whitwell

Anyone who has tried yoga knows the sensation of peace that comes over you during a flow. Now multiply that by thousands. That was the scene at the Lolë White Tour in Toronto this weekend.

Some 2,000 people – wearing white as a symbol of peace – participated in the outdoor session, which was held at historic Fort York. It’s one of five super-sized group classes activewear brand Lolë is organizing around the globe in 2015. Paris and Montreal have already played host, and now the tour is heading across the border to New York and L.A.

We’re already counting down until 2016 – but until then, we break down this inspiring event by the numbers:

2,000: The approximate number of yogis who participated (talk about #squadgoals).

3: The number of times the Lolë White Tour has taken place in Toronto.

75 minutes: The length of the class.

3: The number of instructors

450: The number of tweets about the event in one day. One of our faves: “Toronto, what can I even say? I love you,” said Canadian yoga instructor and practitioner Grace Dubery (who led the class).

3: the number of dragonflies I spotted flitting above the crowd

150: The numbers of dedicated volunteers.

25,000: The number of people expected to participate in the event worldwide in 2015; 10,000 of those are attending the class in New York’s Central Park.

5: The number of cities where the event is taking place. Expect even more next year – there’s already an event planned at Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

Infinite: The number of selfies taken! (ELLE Canada included.)

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lole white tour Five reasons why this years Lolë White Tour will be the best yet1.
(Image courtesy of Lolë)

1. This year will mark the fourth time the fitness-apparel brand has staged a massive yoga class, with an expected 25,000 yogis participating globally.

2. City locations will include Montreal, Toronto, New York and Paris as well as newcomers Whistler and Los Angeles.

3. The theme is all about the calming influence of nature, so each class will be held under open skies. (Last year’s theme was museums.) Examples include Central Park in New York City, Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles and the historic Fort York in Toronto.

4. An all-white clothing dress code is enforced (bad for your bum but symbolic of peace, so…), which makes for a gorgeously curated spectacle. All participants will be given a canary-yellow yoga mat to punctuate the look. #somanyselfies

5. Live music by local artists will be piped through each space, making it a likely unforgettable event across the globe. It kicks off in Whistler on July 18 at the Olympic Plaza. Tickets are $35 and available at

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