Summer beauty: Wedding makeup that lasts all day

Whether you're the bridesmaid or guest, make your wedding makeup last through the tears, reception and post-party drinks with our long lasting tips.

May 25, 2012
Karen Kwan
Wedding day makeup: Make it last all day

Hopefully you don’t have a 27 Dresses situation on your hands, but chances are if you’re not a bridesmaid, you're probably invited to a few weddings this summer. If not, we bet your social calendar is filled with some other chic soirees and rooftop parties. All events that last from morning until night -- and you need your makeup to last that long too. Arianne de Guzman of Artistry By Arianne has a few tricks up her sleeve when it comes to long lasting wedding makeup; and we trust her judgment since sh works with women tying the knot on a regular basis. With her know-how, your wedding makeup may last longer than you will dancing in your party shoes.

1. Keep your lip colour from fading fast
“To keep your lipstick from fading, it's all about the prep work’” says de Guzman. “Fill in your entire lips with a lip liner of the same colour as your lipstick.” She then recommends applying your lipstick in thin layers and blotting each layer with a tissue. “This stops especially creamy lipsticks from slip and sliding throughout the day,” she says.

2. Prep your eyes
If you have an issue with your eye makeup disappearing or sliding all over your lid, you are not alone. “I personally have horribly oily eyelids,” she says. To combat this, apply an eye shadow primers. De Guzman’s favourite is Too Faced Shadow Insurance from Sephora – “it helps block the oils that end up melting your eye shadow.

3. Go with waterproof mascara
You know you’ll tear up when your bestie walks down the aisle. Why risk mascara streaming down your face? Even if you’re not typically a fan of wearing waterproof mascara, today’s the day you should make an exception. If you’re really not keen on these budge-proof formulas, de Guzman, who’s based in Toronto, suggests trying a tubing mascara. “These are usually long wearing and come off with warm water and gentle pressure at the base of the lashes,” she says.

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