Hair styles: How to tame unruly hair

Learn how to tame your unruly hair styles, from curly hair to straight hair, with our expert tips.

Oct 25, 2011
Karen Kwan
Leda & St. Jacques

Getting that unruly, out of control hair under control can seem like an insurmountable task some mornings. Can't it just behave? Justin German of Shagg Salon and Page One Management, shares his expert advice that will have you mastering your hair like a pro.

Hair problems: Straight unruly hair usually equals flyaways and static, says German. Your hair is just going any direction it wants. Add the dry electric heat that we have with winter coming, and that static is worse than ever.

Solution: Ramp up your conditioning, says the Toronto-based stylist, as balancing your PH levels will help tame that static in your hair styles. So you will want to be shampooing and conditioning regularly. Look for hair products that promote moisture in your hair. Also, he recommends adding styling hair products such as a spray or cream detangler to be used before your other styling hair products - "this will help coat the hair cuticle and keep it under control." For styling, try something lightweight such as Pantene Triple Action Volume Mousse - "it will give you lift at the root, but make sure to drag it to the ends of your hair so that the product will seal the cuticle," says German.

Hair problems: Frizzy hair with undefined curls. Curly hair styles lack moisture - it just naturally is lacking, so as with the straight flyaway hair, adding moisture to your hair is key, says German.

Solution: In addition to using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, you will want to add a deep conditioning treatment to your routine every few weeks. "On a Sunday while you read the newspaper with your coffee, put in the treatment and then wrap your head in a towel or put on a shower cap and let the heat get trapped in so that it helps your cuticle open up and allows the treatment to penetrate the shaft," he says. He also recommends only shampooing every few days as if your hair is too clean, this will have it blowing up in size. "A little oil is good for your curly hair, " he says. If anything, just mist your hair with some water and scrunch your hair to give it a little refresher.

As for defining your curly hair, using a very wide-tooth comb or a pick, after you have shampooed apply a curl-defining mousse from root to tip. "You don't want the product to only gather at the roots, so using a comb will help drag it through all the twists and turns in your hair," says German. Then, with your head upside down, scrunch with your hands. Sit up, and define a few face-framing piece in the direction you want them to go by twirling with your fingers. And now stop touching it (or you will lose that curly hair definition); let it dry naturally if you have time, and if not, blow dry with a diffuser.

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